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With every history there is a plan and within that storyline characters whom we can bring up and understand. In Chimanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, the key characters really are a female, Ifemelu, and a male, Obinze, who are from Nigeria. Throughout the novel we adhere to these two characters, their trips abroad, and ultimately back in Nigeria. Both characters get their own challenges but That stuff seriously there is a difference in just how Ifemelu and Obinze happen to be represented. Obinze, in my opinion, gets proper rendering while Ifemelu’s character appears more conflicted. In Americanah Ifemelu, and also other females, will be represented as being a dependent on her circumstances plus the men around them.

Aunty Uju. The prime and 1st example of females in our new being displayed in the form of dependence is Ifemelu’s Aunty Uju. Aunty Uju appears to have perfect life-style as a doctor in Nigeria, living in a pleasant home, with nice possessions, and socializes with the larger social classes in Nigeria. Aunty Uju carries on a relationship using a character known as “The General”. The General is known as a married gentleman and Aunty Uju can be his mistress. One could argue that Aunty Uju is a doctor in Nigeria, so only some of her success originates from The General. Nevertheless , even Aunty Uju provides this credit rating to The Standard, “The hospital has no doctor vacancy, but The General made them make one pertaining to me” (93). This goes to show that actually her occupation was influenced by her relationship with The Basic. She gets most of the great things we see early in the book from The Basic. She possibly goes to say to Ifemelu, “You know, we live in a great ass-licking overall economy. The biggest injury in this country is not file corruption error. The problem is there are many competent people who are not where they are really supposed to be mainly because they won’t lick anybody’s ass, or they don’t know which in turn ass to lick or perhaps they can’t say for sure how to riff an bum. I’m lucky to be licking the right ass” (93). I found this very funny, nevertheless true, and it only emphasizes her dependence on The overall. Once The Standard dies we see Aunty Uju’s world overturn almost instantly. Aunty Uju is forced away of her home and flees the country to the Usa where she can start a new life with her child, Dike. Once Ifemelu occurs to America she detects that Aunty Uju’s way of life is completely opposite of what it used to always be. She is operating three jobs, taking examinations to become a doctor again, and her living conditions are poor compared to that in Nigeria. Aunty Uju is in a spot of desolation working 3 jobs, paying the bills, therefore when Ifemelu arrives the girl uses Ifemelu to watch Dike during the day just to save her babysitting expenses. Aunty Uju satisfies a man, Bartholomew. Ifemelu seems that Aunty Uju is definitely outside his social course, but Aunty Uju is within such a situation of desolation that the girl ends up in a relationship with his where your woman moves to Massachusetts with him. She ends up staying in a relationship with him until she knows that your woman no longer requirements Bartholomew, and that she is at fact paying some his bills. If I had to summarize Aunty Uju in one word it would be, in her individual words, “You do everything you have to do if you want to succeed” (146). We can see that Ifemelu does certainly do what she has to do following the tips from Aunty Uju.

Ifemelu. Our main character, Ifemelu, can be not with no flaws but I feel that her life occasions are dependent upon her situations and the different characters about her. It is difficult to identify using what Ifemelu genuinely values. Throughout our book Ifemelu includes a relationship with three guys: Obinze, Curt, and Blaine. Her character seems to modify with a pair of the three people she schedules and in among these men based on her circumstances. Ifemelu feels like a strong figure up until the point where she is in the united states and has to pay for her university debt and rent. This wounderful woman has a hard time in getting employed and has to use “massaging” a coach. This can be a first point at which we see Ifemelu break from her normal personality and do something which we would not see approaching. After being pressured for money she goes to the mentor where the lady, “placed her hand between his legs, she had curled and moved her fingers” (190). From this we could imply that the girl gave the coach a hand-job. Next she is genuinely conflicted with herself and everyone around her. It is now she prevents contacting Obinze goes through a state of depression. I sensed that Ifemelu compromised onto her values and molded to the circumstances to do what needed to be done, like Aunty Uju had told her. Following her state of depression, your woman runs into Blaine on a teach. She is interested in him nevertheless loses exposure to him because Blaine is within a romance and ignores her phone calls. Ifemelu fulfills Curt, a rich white colored man, who may be Kimberly’s aunty. Initially Ifemelu was not actually attracted to him, the text says, “She began to like him because he enjoyed her” (237). I discover this shallow, but we come across Ifemelu enhancements made on her romantic relationship with Curt. Good things begun to happen to her, Curt’s positive attitude appeared to bleed over into her life. Just like Aunty Uju’s situation, Curt was able to get Ifemelu a career through his dad’s relations with advertising. This shows her reliance on Curt and her great fortunes are dependent on one more character. Ifemelu ended up sabotaging her romance with him but the lady even states that she, “stumbled about, trying to bear in mind the person the lady was just before Curt¦ She no longer recognized who the girl had been in that case, what she disliked, wanted” (370). I believe the following phrases are extremely essential because it demonstrates that Ifemelu their self states that her personality was constructed off of individuals around her. She gets to a marriage with Blaine after getting together with him in a social event. Her identity starts to shift and she received a fitness center pass, starting letting him read and recommend becomes her sites, she actually changed her diet depending on Blaine’s philosophy. Blaine was more of a person of actions where Ifemelu was more of a woman of words. Blaine believed in standing up for what you think in. Ifemelu lied to Blaine and didn’t be present to a protest. Once Blaine found out that she i visited a lunch time instead of the protest they had a spat which ended up being the demise of their romance. I feel that Ifemelu lacks a moral compass. She won’t get that lying on your partner can be described as big deal. This changes the eagerness in their relationship. I feel that Blaine’s passion pertaining to President Obama gave something for Ifemelu to be thinking about, and kept their marriage alive primarily based off this kind of shared interest. Once she graduated Princeton she shattered off her relationship and moved back to Nigeria. Like a reader it becomes hard to distinguish with Ifemelu because it seems she is placed very easily to hold people interested. When Pyrie offers to host Ifemelu a wedding Ifemelu responds, “Thank you, yet I point Blaine will certainly prefer a governor-free event” (492). I don’t understand why Ifemelu cannot merely identify with very little, and constantly needs a man involved in her life. Obinze seems to be the sole character the lady can be clear with, it really is as if they may be operating on a single frequency. The moment she finally meets Obinze they are every week into finding each other again before they will start using a relationship. All their relationship visits a friction point once Obinze would go to Abuja alone so he can think things over. Now Ifemelu calls him a “fucking coward” and fractures contact with him. It isn’t till Obinze déclaration to his wife and friends his intentions with Ifemelu and informs Ifemelu of everything that she finally accepts him back into her life. This is how the end in the novel leaves us nonetheless it goes to show that she is generally a character of circumstance and of the relationship with the men in her existence.

Through Americana we see Ifemelu and also other female characters represented simply by circumstance or on the guys they are in relationships with. Aunty Uju is the prime example of the female’s dependence, in this book, on men and a victim of circumstance. Ifemelu follows go well with with Aunty Uju in her romantic relationship with Curt putting her dependence on a man. She will not appear to have got any the case feelings for Curt or perhaps Blaine during their relationships but we see that she seems to lose her identity with those relationships. It’s until the lady comes back to Nigeria that she starts doing items for very little and getting a stance on her behalf character.

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