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Diary of Metropolitan Dweller

Through the Diary of Mr. Praisegod Romney, Merchant of Boston, November 1688.

Today, I witnessed the hanging in the Irish witch, Goodwife Ann Glover, and it influenced in me a desire for closer-self-examination and reflection on my marriage with God, my family as well as the community of saints throughout New Great britain. Goodwife Glover was a woman with a great evil status who had been offered into captivity in the West Indies with her husband, and he had recently been put to death there intended for refusing to renounce his Catholic trust, which obviously is all Papist superstition and idolatry. The girl was accused of bewitching the group of Mr. David Goodwin of Boston, a sober and well-respected resident of this metropolis, after your woman and her daughter had been caught stealing from the home. She chatted English just poorly, and out of stubbornness remained in using the native Irish language, which usually few of all of us understand. She could not possibly recite the Lord’s Prayer in English language at her trial or perhaps refused to do so. Even when the put the noose around her neck, she still declined to renounce the Catholic Church also because of her wickedness and obstinate mother nature has now been consigned to eternal burning fire – compliment God. Although the crowd also wanted to set her feline to fatality, since it was obviously a demonic imp and tool of the Devil, this creature was preserved at the very last minute by Mister. Robert Calef, also a product owner of Boston and a thoroughly impious man who doubts that witches can be found and insists that the globe revolves around the son, as well as many other contemporary, heretical procession based on all-natural science and philosophy. I have no doubt that he will also end up on the gallows one of those days.

Reflecting on my own scenario after forty-eight long years in this world of pain, unhappiness, suffering and sin, I can at least take pleasure in being a full church member and succeeding modestly well in my own calling. I do look forward to my own release from all these life cares and duties in order to take my place in nirvana, as our creator promises to all true Christian believers. My own first wife Hosanna perished young in childbirth, yet my second wife Hallelujah has been a good and loyal companion these 22 years, skilled in her household duties, simple, chaste and obedient to my opinion as governor of this home. We had 8 children although three passed away very young of several disease yet another, which is certainly normal in this world. Nothing can be achieved about this kind of losses, yet since they had been baptized, I have every desire of seeing them in heaven. My own oldest kid is a student at Harvard College, preparing for the ministry, and I have got hopes that his young brothers will follow him generally there, although their very own callings apparently run along more business and material lines compared to the ministry, which is the most important career of all. I use yet to set up marriages for my two daughters, but they will probably be well-supplied with dowries to draw useful and suitable partners, and they have already been well trained in their wifely and household tasks, including stitching, cooking and cleaning, that this will of God has assigned to women. Unlike the two most well-known boys, nevertheless, the others are still only halfway members in the church , nor take communion, although My spouse and i pray night and day that they will almost all have their own conversion experience and then have the ability to join all of those other saints in Paradise the moment their period comes.

Plus blessed by Lord using a measure of material success on this earth, through no initiatives or particular worthiness of my own, and never even the Full of Nobleman Lord Jesus was ashamed to work in the earth at modest tasks. Most honest operate is worthwhile in the sight of the God, and we have seen our city prosper mainly because it serves the commerce

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