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Nonetheless it could also be contended that the practical way couldnt work for Gradgrind, Gradgrind just thought that worked. My answer is this, as he didnt get married to Mrs Gradgrind because he liked her this individual married her because she actually is weak, weak and wont disagree with Mr Gradgrind. The reader knows this while she has said plenty of instances My poor head continually wearing myself out. This kind of statement tells us that she is weak and feeble. We shall hardly ever hear the final of it through your father.

This demonstrates she cant stand up to Mr Gradgrind. Another reason why it may be argued that the way Gradgrind was brought up didnt work for him is the fact at the beginning of the novel Gradgrind tells us Facts alone are what are needed in life not more than that will ever be of any service to them. But towards the end of the novel he confesses his program failed as he says there exists a wisdom with the Head, and this there is a perception of the Cardiovascular system. I have certainly not supposed therefore , but

I mistrust myself now. A character that Dickens uses to portray the practical system is Mr Bounderby. Bounderby mentions whenever he may about how having been born in a ditch and was a vagabond Dickens recommend here that Bounderby doesnt care about any individual but him self. As Dickens describes him as a wealthy man: company, merchant, maker and what not. Dickens is suggesting that he can a enfrascarse because if perhaps he was a vagabond, just how did he become a abundant man?

As we see on the end of the novel he was lying as it turns out that Mrs Peglar is Bounderbys mother and once Gradgrind confronts her of leaving Bounderby to within a ditch your woman denies is saying Josiah in the gutter! Not any such some thing It is evident that Bounderby cares just about himself and money, mainly because when he finds out who has swindled him this individual carries on trying to get Tom arrested, even though it is definitely his close friends son.

You knows this kind of as Gradgrind says to Mr Sleary about Tom He must end up being got to Gatwick and dispatched abroad. While if Bounderby were an absolute friend he’d have dropped that fees. Bounderby didnt marry to get love because Gradgrind says talking to Louisa about in the event that she will get married to Bounderby. Bounderby does not do you really the injustice of pretending to do anything bizarre. And when his marriage is failing instead of talking this through with her and working it, all he does is give Louisa an ultimatum through Gradgrind.

Which is If perhaps she doesnt come home simply by twelve oclock at noonday noontide, meridian, I shall understand that she prefers to stay away. Bounderby is without feelings, since when sissy starts moaping because her father has left her, Bounderby cant be sympathetic or perhaps empathetic with her so he says Allow girl understand the fact The father features absconded deserted you and you mustnt be prepared to see him again as long as you live. Dickens is showing us that many people who have the utilitarian view, are like Bounderby, and have no feelings.

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