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Foodstuff culture in India provides one of the most unique among the world. Foodstuff and diet plan are based on various parts, area, faith and location. India a lot of the population have got vegetarian food but some of the region features Non-Vegetarian food like meat, chicken and fish. Generally in India Women carry out preparation and cook meals for their friends and family. At last almost all responsibility procedes the women. Family use to have heavy food in breakfast as well as in evening. Generally American indian people accustomed to eat simply by hands. Indian people utilized to eat spicy food. Each region used to eat as per their own means of cooking and cooking design (For at the. g., In Punjab, milk products product is used more).

Food lifestyle in Canada is founded on preference and choices. Canada mostly people have their meals in restaurants. Canadian foods is based on ”western” diet which can be similar to European and American food. Mainly they depend on grain food, chicken, beef and pork. People canada eat non vegetarian food more than vegan food. During breakfast period they have foodstuff like happen to be cooked ova, fried cash, fried potatoes, toasted bread, pancakes and syrup, cereals, or warm oatmeal. Canadian dinners will often feature a large meat complete of some type like poultry, ham beef. They also take alcoholic beverage with their supper.

As an example when I was traveling by India to Canada, while i arrive to Canada I had been too hungry so I have hot to cafe. As I does not like Not vegetarian foodstuff so I bought vegetarian meals from the given menu we. e. The Pineapple Fried Rice. As I was waiting for the food and tome came up up I managed to get my meals ordered quickly. The matter happened with me is they have also included egg during my dish. Therefore at last I possess not ingested the food and my cash got lost. In India Egg is considered as low vegetarian meals. Also food like Pig and meat are not used. In India, beef beef is not consumed because cow is usually worshipped in India. Also our American indian Government provides prohibited meat of gound beef and ham. Also exactly where I was residing i. e. Gujarat. Gujarat has additionally prohibited alcohol drinks.

As Canadian food culture has conceptualizing cultural similarities as Culture is all covering and built-in. This means that that shapes every part of our lives and that shapes our personalities, our values, and our way of living. In addition to the work schedule on the social life of families and households, job structure and expectations can also be taking all their toll. Thus people in Canada mostly have fast and frozen meals more in their regular diet.

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