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Claire: Character Explanation

In John Hughess well-known film The Breakfast Team, a group of teengaers, depicting specific stereotypes, receive punishment by spending a Saturday in detention. This kind of unlikely group comes together and learns regarding themselves, regardless of their individual social structure. Each belief, the brain, the criminal, the princess, the jock, plus the basket case can be explained by various persona theories by many different individuals. The unoriginal princess, Clairette, can be explained various specialists and certain theories of theirs. Her self-entitlement, selfishness, and need to keep her princess-like photo pristine is definitely explained by the personality ideas of Carl Jung’s Mask Theory, Karen Horney’s Sociable Needs, and Alfred Adler’s Inferiority Complicated.

In the first place, Jung’s Face mask Theory explains that people are likely to wear “masks” to hide what they really are or they make an effort to fit into the collective subconscious. The group unconscious becoming what we believe are the archetypes of our contemporary society. According to Claire’s collective unconscious the lady tries to fulfil or represent her self-appointed identity while the Queen, a popular and materially prosperous girl, whether it is conscious or perhaps unconscious. Inside the film, Clairette believes that her very own problems at home are greatly difficult when compared to others. To patch above the problems in her homelife, Claire generally takes to materialism to further keep up her appearances and archetype. Materialism, being one of the characteristics she occurs inherit from her father, can be one of her most prominent persona aspects. This being confirmed in the beginning landscape when her father drags up to the university to drop her off, the camera panning over the brand of the AS BMW HYBRID her daddy is generating. Furthermore, the lunch this individual packs on her contains sashimi and sushi wrapped within an overly expensive bento completed with a set of porcelain chopsticks, a glass soy sauce holder, and a tiny wooden stand to support the bento even more addressing the materialism he moves down to his daughter in her every day and not just big day life. Inside the film, Expresse ends up in Sunday school due to the fact that she has a truancy because she got decided to skip class to travel shopping. This kind of only additional reinforces the idea that materialism and her outdoors image are more important than her actual self and also her education.

In Horney’s Sociable Needs, she theorizes that a lot of of one’s strains and anxieties are brought upon by thought of like. Horney also theorizes we build the personalities about fighting rejection, and in fear of rejection, all of us go along with what others wish to accomplish even if we don’t desire to. Claire tries to fit in this suitable personality to maintain the love of her parents and peers. In the beginning from the film, once Claire’s daddy is falling her off, she reassures her father that the girl with not “defective”. To which he responds, that skipping institution to go purchasing, doesn’t generate her “defective”. Her aiming to reassure her father that she is nothing short of ideal, is one of the ways she tries to maintain this kind of archetype the lady had created for herself. Later on in the film, the group discusses that they would react to seeing each other in the entrée on Wednesday. Claire feels that in Monday, non-e of them will be acting like friends. Specifically Claire herself. Since Clairette is at the very best of their cultural hierarchy, the girl believes that speaking with the mediocre could just bring her down. Despite the fact that she has connections based on thoughts (and connections she really enjoys), her princess-like picture still happens to overrule these types of factors.

In Adler’s Inferiority Intricate, he theorizes that parents influence the personality with their child. The moment parents over pamper a child, they become self-centered, they have very little regards for others, and they anticipate everyone else to do as they wish. The child likewise tends to lack self confidence. Claire’s father pampers her with materialistic items instead of improving her self confidence by paying attention to her psychological needs. Unconsciously, he demonstrates that her self esteem should be more based upon the outside instead of what comes from the inside, her real personality and passions. Her narcissism is in direct correlation for this. Under the influence of marijuana later on the in the film, Claire thoughtlessly exclaims, “Do you know how well-known I are? I’m a popular choice, everybody loves me personally so much, as of this school¦” Expresse doesn’t tend to care about other folks, she just wants her image as a popular princess to be managed and presumed. She won’t happen to understand or love Allison’s desire to join in within the conversation at times or will not seem to proper care what the other say. On multiple events she explains to Bender and Allison to “shut up” when they have something to talk about that the girl does not desire to hear. She’s willfully neglecting insights regarding her your life that she does not think mesh with her archetype.

These theories every combine to express who Claire happens to be, who have she desires to be, as well as the identity she actively tries to maintain. But, Horney’s Sociable Needs Theory is the most important in analyzing Claire’s personality. Without the fear of losing love she’d not indulge in materialism or perhaps narcissism. These are generally subsequent practices brought on by her fear of if she is not good enough, or perhaps not being liked and accepted enough. Most of Claire’s even more minor qualities are facts she take into her life to demonstrate that she fits in the collective subconscious of society and should get love and attention via others, especially her parents. All of her actions and even drug affected thoughts and words happen to be factors appearing out of this one frequent fear of not being good enough. Her determination to become perfect “princess” is a immediate result of this kind of and the specific archetype the lady portrays.

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