diffusion across a selectively poroso membrane

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Diffusion is movement of molecules from one part of concentration to a different. This process is vital for the life functions of cells. Cellular material have selectively permeable walls that let only certain methods to pass through all of them. Osmosis is known as a special kind of diffusion which allows water to go through semi-permeable membranes of high water potential to a region of lower water potential. Water potential measures it tends of drinking water to keep one place and in another. Durchmischung and osmosis is responsible for the movement of molecules in and out of cells.

Diffusion and osmosis may be shown applying dialysis lines which is a membrane that is made from regenerated cellulose fibers to a flat tube. When alternatives that contain dissolved substances, are separated by a membrane like the dialysis lines, some may readily move across it and others may not as a result of size of the molecules.


Diffusion and osmosis is going to occur when dynamic balance is come to. If a element contains molecules small enough to pass through a selectively permeable membrane then they will conveniently pass through it without the answer or element, which is inside membrane, getting out.



Starch Solution

I2KI Remedy

Plastic-type material cup

Disposable transfer pipettes

Strips of dialysis tubing soaked in water




First you may have your dialysis tubing drenched in normal water ready for the experiment. When the dialysis lines in staying soaked, wash your hands to remove any essential oils or dirt that may be to them. Remove the hoses from the drinking water and connect off one end. Open the other end using two fingers within a rubbing action so that the tubing will independent and wide open. Use a non reusable pipette to fill the tubing with starch answer. Once the tubing is filled keep a bit of space so that growth may occur and tie off the end and place the tubing for the scale to determine how much this weighs. Fill the cup with distilled water through adding I2KI strategy to the water. Put the tubing inside cup for 30 minutes and record virtually any color transform. Record the color change from the bag just about every 5 minutes until 30 minutes include passed. Take those tubing out from the water remedy and place for the scale and record virtually any weight alter.






Weight5 min


min color25 min

color30 min colorFinal weightFinal Contents

BagWater 1% starchWhite/

milky10gWhite slightly blueMilky inside darker blue Darker blue some light visibleDarker green no white colored visible11gWater 1% starch & iodine BeakerWater, I2KIAmber yellowN/AAmber YellowAmber YellowAmber YellowAmber YellowN/AWater and iodine


The results demonstrate that the water, glucose, and I2KI elements were tiny enough to pass through the selectively permeable membrane which was the dialysis lines. I would anticipate for the color change to occur in the cup instead of inside the tubing whenever we had started with the starch in the cup and the I2KI inside the tubing, because the iodine would rather than go into the tote, would leave through the handbag and in the starch within the cup.

Discussion and summary:

The data displays what substances can and cannot diffuse across a selectively permeable membrane. The colour change that occurred confirmed that the I2KI molecules had been small enough to pass through the pores from the membrane or perhaps dialysis hoses. This data also demonstrates the water and glucose remedy moved out of the dialysis tote because normal water molecules are small enough to pass through the membrane. Simply no mistakes were made in this research but many could have occurred. If the tubing had not been tied effectively a drip could have took place and the experiment would have failed and recently been inaccurate.


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