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The moment companies opt to expand in international market segments, there are 3 approaches (strategies) for rivalling internationally; multi-domestic, global, and transnational.

Assess the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy and evaluate how to build a competitive advantage. (you actually may use remarks on textbook)

Select a particular organization in a chosen market or sector and provide illustrations.

When businesses decide to expand into intercontinental markets, there are three approaches (strategies) for competing internationally; multi-domestic, global, and transnational.


The firm sights itself as operating inside the context of various independent subsidiaries each that concentrates on its own domestic vicinity and industry.

The advantages are the following:

innovation from community RD

Entrepreneurial spirit

Products tailored to person countries

Top quality due to in reverse integration

Nevertheless , challenges include

High costs due to tailored products and duplication across countries

The innovation through the local RD groups resulted in products that were RD motivated instead of marketplace driven.

Decentralized control meant that national buy-in was needed before bringing out a product time to market was slow.

Phillips is among the a company that followed a multi-domestic strategy (Quick MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION Global Strategic Management).


The firm views the earth as a sole global industry. In turn, this focuses on designing a body of goals that could create standardized service and good that may meet the will need of consumers globally.

The global technique is effective if the differences between the countries are small and when the competition is global. The advantages are the pursuing:

Economies of scale

Spend less

Co-ordination of activities

Quicker product development

The disadvantages, however , include the developing global standardization that discourages uniqueness and originality.

Instances of companies that pursue a global strategy happen to be Sony and Panasonic (tutor2U)


This method uses the firm’s domestically developed key competency or perhaps its specific advantage as its main weapon when going into foreign markets. In other words, it creates its market by concentrating on its specialized and using that to differentiate on its own.

The advantages and disadvantages of this way depends on the situation that the organization and the country that the business is in. On the other hand, certain resources and features will be less expensive to the organization than others. The company that manufactures items in various countries will be able to make profit on the cheaper sources of components, labor, syndication, and so forth; however, some, or perhaps all of these elements, may be more expensive resulting in a reduced margin of profit pertaining to the company.

Assess how

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