do you consider candy s view of curley s wife is

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“Do you imagine Candy’s opinion of Curley’s wife can be fair or perhaps does Steinbeck show us a character that has acquired so many discontentment in her life and is lonely we can discover why she will act as she truly does?

I myself don’t think that candy’s opinion of curley’s wife can be fair, it is because all the persons on the farm have made up there minds that she actually is a tart because of the approach she dresses and the way she attempts to flirt with them, but she doen’t mean to set the impression to the ranch workers that she is a tart nevertheless looks can be deceiving.

She dresses and looks in this way because she has always dreamed of being in the movie organization, living in Salinas at only when justin was 15 she wrote into a man in the movie organization but experienced no answer, Her desires for staring in her personal movie were smashed in a million pieces.

Now once she is older and wiser she still has no plans.

Then she married Ugly. Now hitched to Ugly she is usually lonely, this is due to she is faraway from her friends and family, shes disregarded by Curly (when he’s around! ) because he is actually in town or perhaps in slut houses, within the ranch there is certainly nothing for her to do apart from sit about doing practically nothing. This is why the girl tries to make friends with the people on the hacienda because she’s lonely, nevertheless the ranch workers think she actually is trying to get all of them into trouble with curly, and because the lady hasn’t acquired over her trauma penalized rejected by the movie business she would like to live out the fame and dream of as being a movie star in front of the ranch personnel. the ranch workers are too scared to acquire any business with her because in the event that they do they know that curly would give them the beating of there lives.

Later in the story lennie is the only person who your woman manages to possess a proper conversation with, at first lennie explains to curly’s partner that George told him to stay far from her mainly because she will receive him into trouble and that she is bad news, but your woman manages for making it slip Lennies brain by requesting him questions about points he wants like smooth things, furry things, rabbits, etc and he is easily led in to them interactions because they are most his most liked things he mostly loves.

When the girl asks him if he likes pampering and pressing soft items he acquired very thrilled, then your woman asked him if he wanted to touch her very soft golden curly hair, he reply’s yes. When he is petting her gentle locks of hair this individual starts to get more and more of your grip of her this, she explains to him that is certainly enough this individual blocks her voice out of his head and continues to include a firm proper grip, she attempts to struggle far from him with no success, when she screams Lennie received scared because he knew she would get him into difficulty so with his bear like hands this individual covers her mouth yet she still managed to scream for support so Lennie done the single thing he knew he would carry out to shut her up for good!, and breaks her neck of the guitar like a twig.

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