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Under our study the passage with the story ‘Doctor in the house’ written by a famous United kingdom writer and an associate editor in the British Medical Journal of the 20 th century Richard Gordon who have worked likewise as a ship’s surgeon, yet left his medical practice in 1952. The story ‘Doctor in the house’ is one of Gordon’s a dozen ‘Doctor’ books and is known for amusing description of the medical student’s years of specialist training.

‘Doctor in the house’ is not really interesting title for the story, however perhaps, this kind of simplicity makes this story and so attractive to get an experienced reader, who is ready after looking through pathways to find extremely interesting phrases, word combos, unusual design of writing and etc.

Speaking about design for the story we could say that it truly is autobiography. The plot from the passage is build circular ‘an unpleasant inevitability’, we all mean the final examination of medical students. At the beginning we join in the meaning from the final evaluation in medical universities.

Here we all meet the key character who is the young author as well.

Trying to go his tests the author were able to pass his true feelings and emotions before, during and after exams. What is more, Gordon gives us a brilliant methodical structure with the social types of people utilizing a little bit paradox. Well, when ever young Richard knew his results, the world stood still round him and almost everything was quiet. We see alleged ‘Happy End’ of the verse. In my opinion, during these pages we come across a conflict which can be identified as the turmoil between person and destiny. The person who saw various examples throughout the examinations various sorts of behavior, and he was getting nervous about failing his chance.

Actually his close friends told him that ‘One doesn’t are unsuccessful exams. One comes down, one muffs, is ploughed, plucked or pipped. These infer a misfortune that is not your own fault. To speak of failing can be bad preference. It’s the same idea while talking about passing away and going above instead of plain about to die. ‘ The overall atmosphere from the extract is definitely ironic. You observe it from your first sentence of the passageway in a expression ‘ an upsetting inevitability to get faced faster or later’. During the text we see a whole lot of types of the irony including the description from the visiters inside the waiting-room, the process of passing examination in Cambridge and some other folks.

This stylistic device was used by Gordon to make his story less heavy and funnier for the reader and, probably, future and still students of the medical examinations, and maybe not only for them but for all learners who prepare themselves to any exam. Could possibly be in this kind of case Richard Gordon desired to attract the attention to the very fact that we should enjoy with the process of learning and getting edication, and even examinations which are extremely remarkable function for us just about every session&&&. Defining the style of the abstract we can declare it is bright example of science fiction. Seeing the author’s vocabulary I can say it is quite simple.

The vocabulary is included with colloquial terms, but at the same time he utilized special conditions, in my opinion it really is used to demonstrate that since the narrator is medical student, naturally , he realized the medicine conditions. What makes the author’s terminology interesting we have a great number of epithets ( an unpleasant inevitability, fragrant cheating, frustrated brilliance, imminent thunderstorm and others), simily ( exam just like death, protégers were like the policemen that flank the dock with the Old Mcneally, candidate may come to the end of his interrogation attempting like a cow in a bog), metaphors ( feeling if I had only finished a great eight-round battle

Speaking about format I can say that it is quite varied from quite simple sentences that happen to be refer to really hard sentences which in turn transfer almost all features of oral communication (‘I started off confidentially, reeling the actual lines of treatment and feeling very much better’). To sum up I want to declare I really like this story must be lot of tips to think. The lesson out of this passage is the fact you can get every thing if you give your best, and you should often believe in good, but to be ready to the most detrimental, as Russsian proverb explained.


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