Does “Assassin’s Creed” Influence a Teen’s Mind Essay

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Envision a world in which everything that took place was privately controlled with a large corporation of people. Daily you happen to be constantly documented and monitored.

Everything that you do is privately planned out beforehand, yet you imagine that almost everything you’re carrying out is by your own free will. Everyone including your family members, your friends, and the government are generally controlled by this organization, and you can’t also tell. Whilst you blithely and involuntarily the actual path mapped out for you, one other organization is secretly and quietly planning to put a stop to the evil plans of the organization that would like to control your every move. This is the plotline of a quite popular videogame called Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed is a great game that has influenced and questioned people’s approach to government and democracy.

The overall game Assassin’s Creed influences people’s minds by making them believe more creatively, and by helping there interest of conspiracy theories. Assassin’s Creed take places in 2012, following the life of Desmond Miles, a bartender who will be a descendant of several Assassins. Even though Desmond grew up as an Assassin, he fled his nomadic friends and family to seek out a much more common life-style.

While experiencing his flexibility he is abducted by an evil firm known as Abstergo Industries, the modern-day encounter from the Knights Atemperar who are aware of Desmond’s ancestry. Templars wish to control everybody, and they believe in absolute order similar to totalitarianism. Desmond will use a device known as a great “Animus” that enables him to see his meurtrier ancestral memories.

Abstergo is seeking to uncover the location of several artifacts, known as “Pieces of Eden, ” to be able to obtain great power and control mankind and alter its destiny, bringing mankind into a single single group. Later on Desmond goes out Abstergo as a result of help of a lot of modern-day Assassin who he later eventually ends up working with. Desmond uses their version of the Animus (Animus 2 . 0) to continue to re-live the memories of his forefathers and discover the locations in the Pieces of Eden before Abstergo can do this. Desmond relives the events of his Assassin ancestors who also live in worlds full of mayhem, injustice, and indirect captivity.

Doesn’t this kind of seem just like the way the world is today? Several countries have but to establish a government system where people have a declare in what they desire the government to perform for them. As well as more countries that have but to abolish their governing laws in slavery. Our very own government is hiding secrets from us (trying to safeguard us), yet causing more accidents and tragedies that might be avoided only if we had access to their categorized information.

Assassin’s Creed is actually a completely made story, nonetheless it has a large amount of interesting and intuitive facts to its plot. Actually the majority of it seems like plausible, and many more within my age group manage to think similar after playing this video game. Along with the a lot of games that my colleagues play that can relate to Assassin’s Creed, in addition there are several ebooks that are related. Assassin’s Creed got their inspiration in the novel Alamut written by a Slovenian copy writer Vladimir Bartol, which is what inspired almost all of the first game’s plot. An additional story much like the plotline of Assassin’s Creed may be the Traveler authored by John 14 Hawks.

The book takes place in the future and lays away a world the place that the power lies not with people or perhaps governments, however in the hands of a magic formula organization who have call themselves “the Brethren. ” All their enemies make reference to them while “the Tabula”. The Tabula are an historic secret society who considers that control and stability are an overall necessity, similar to extreme Utilitarianism. The Tabula gets the majority of their influence from the tips of thinker Jeremy Bentham.

The Tabula wish to impose a Online Panopticon the industry society in which all individuals become comfortable with being watched and monitored and they work at all times as if they are staying observed; making them more frightened to do wrong things. The Tabula’s sole objective is to kill all Travelers. Travelers are people with the power to “cross-over”, which is typically inherited coming from an ancestor.

Crossing-over can be defined as your heart leaving the body and going off to a new realm, then returning. After this come back, most Travelers would have knowledgeable a different point of view of our universe. Many Travellers become faith based prophets, or perhaps enemies from the Tabula who have hunted all of them almost to extinction. Harlequins are a warrior group sworn to defend the Travelers from your Tabula.

The Harlequins will be opposed to the Tabula, plus the two factors spent decades fighting above control and power which usually allowed the Tabula to get control many completely exterminate the Travellers and Harlequins. Despite the nobility and self-sacrifice of their trigger, the Harlequins are cold and cruel figures who dedicate their particular lives to fighting and killing without remorse or perhaps hesitation. Sound familiar? Due to the graphic, credible, and suspenseful storyline, Assassin Creed has changed into a big hit to gamers, historians, and conspiracy theorist alike; causing these to have a current series of five games in most, selling a lot of copies worldwide. The series has been a big success and has received a number of awards.

All of the Assassin’s Creeds call and make an adolescent view the world that they live in differently. I wouldn’t even have regarded as governmental control, Templars & Tabula, or Assassins & Harlequins to be realistic, but now I’m starting to have second thoughts (I also know of several good friends in the same state since me). Studying books just like the Traveler and playing videogames similar to Assassin’s Creed makes one think a little more creatively and take into consideration other conspiracy theory theories and stories.

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