Doing Business in Russia & Czech Republic Essay

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When examining the market for investment it is also important to manage to identify what risks happen to be presented by simply these marketplaces. As this project takes a $100 , 000, 000 investment it is vital here to be able to have a reliable economic and political environment to carry out the operations of the business.

Since 2004, the Russian government has taken a strong control of the legislation in the region. The us government has both help up or offers cancelled a number of big American projects. The modern legislation as well tends to deteriorate the rights of the shareholders. Moreover The ussr has not been cooperating with the Usa State regarding energy agreements. This makes the region and its legal and political associations hostile towards business which is extracted form the United states of america.

This together with the political uncertainness in the region the actual investment local climate in The ussr very unforeseen and negative. However despite this investment throughout the economy has been growing. Most of this has come from the FMCG and client goods sector. The advantage of executing business and investing in this region would be benefiting from the high standards of technological education and training.

Nevertheless , by investing in the us the business will need to face and combat corruption at every level. Conducting organization in the Czech Republic gives problems for the short term related to suitability issues, enrollment of the business as well as edition to the lifestyle and environment in the region. Even so the benefit of investing in this area would be benefiting from the tolerance and co-operation characteristics with the work force which in turn enable the region to be financially successful in the long term. The lack of employment rate in the country features decreased and the country is definitely moving towards advancement offering as a beneficial market for investing in a organization or businesses in this region.

In line with the analysis from the two countries that has been carried out, it would be more feasible and economically practical to invest in the Czech Republic as compared to Russian federation.

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