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Description of key points of the theory

The self-care deficit theory “provides just one way of looking at and investigating what nurses do” (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p. 102). It talks to actions that individuals is capable of doing independently to keep life, health, and wellbeing. The theory sets out the three diverse categories of self-care requisites – which is essential by every individuals. That revealed that overtime, however, there may be the requirement to obtain assistance, and making adjustments due to changes in wellness, development or perhaps body image.

Once there is a self-care deficit, a person experiences health related limitations including this point she or he is unable to perform tasks independently, and so he / she benefits from breastfeeding care. Yet , the concept of the nursing system, allows healthcare professionals to support people according to his or her ability to perform personal care (Blais & Hayes, p. 102, 2011).

Traditional background

Dorothea Orem was developed 1914 in Baltimore Maryland. She started her breastfeeding career in Washington Deb. C. and got her degree in the early 1930’s (Nursing Theories, 2014).

She developed the Self-care Debt Nursing Theory –SCDNT in 1956 (Alligood, p. 261, 2010). Orem’s theory shows self-care as being a human will need, and enables nurses to develop interventions to encourage self-care. The aim of the idea is to support individuals and their families to maintain control of their health throughout the continuum of life. The general theory is referred to as the Self-care deficit theory of medical and was initially published in 1971 (Blais & Hayes, p. 102, 2011). Orem’s concept of an individual’s independence is described in her sub ideas: self-care, self-care deficit and nursing systems (Kozier, Erb, Berman, & Snyder, 2004). The self-care theory is further separated into 4 ideas: self-care – which will refers to just how individuals can help themselves, self-care agency – the potential of anyone to perform attention, self-care requirements – will be the actions that are taken to execute self-care, plus the therapeutic self-care demand – all the actions employed to take care of health (Kozier, et approach, 2004). For persons who are unable to behave as self- care agents, the nursing system adequately facilitates them so that their needs can be met.

Clarify how the picked theorist’s approach to each element of the metaparadigm applies to the following:

Nursing practice

Breastfeeding education

Nursing exploration



Applied to Nursing Practice

Placed on Nursing Education

Used on Nursing Analysis


According to Nursing Ideas (2014), “In Orem’s medical theory an individual is defined as the recipient of care who has the opportunity of learning and development. An individual may engage in strategic actions, translate experiences and perform beneficial actions” (para 2) By using Orem’ theory, the health professional is able to identify the patients’ developmental level and the attention that is required. The idea allows autonomy for medical as a profession through the ongoing use of evidence based practice in decision making.

Through education, balance can be maintained in nursing practice. Patients are allowed main control over their health although health care providers help with education, promote and motivate healthy procedures, and way of living modification. According to Bernier (2002) “Orem’s Theory courses nursing practice with theoretical concepts and goal setting providing a foundation where nurses can easily question the practice and expand the avenue to get nursing research” (p. 384-90).


Orem’s definition of overall health was just like that of the World Health corporation. (Nursing Theories, 2014). In respect to Nursing Theories (2014), health can be “state of physical, mental, and interpersonal well-being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity” (para 5).

While the theory pertains to health and the nursing practice, it displays patients’ self-care limitations. Yet , it enables judgments to get made so the appropriate plan of proper care can be made, administered, as well as the benefits reaped by the sufferers. The theory also allows people to use self-care to maintain maximum health and self-reliance while nurses perform primary evaluation and implement the nursing procedure to meet various other needs to be able of priority.

The registered nurse has an significant, and feasible challenging part at this moment. Yet , to improve health, it is important that patients are educated about current illness plus the plan of care that is to be performed so that optimal wellness can be refurbished. Education on medication strategy is important as it encourages complying with treatment and increases knowledge on maintenance of health. Orem’s theory impacts wellness, and improve nursing exploration through the gathering and analyzing of patients’ data. The info that is accumulated is used appropriately to measure the nursing attention that can be applied to improve an individual’s health.


Nursing is known as a personal support that help individuals to discover and develop ways to help or take care of them home (Nursing Hypotheses, 2014). Orem’ theory motivates patient – nurse romantic relationship, care becoming the primary concentrate and the best goal is health recovery. It promotes patient’ self-reliance while healthy care is definitely administered through constant reassessments. A plan of care can be implemented through evidence primarily based practice, and a comprehensive assessment performed using the self-care requirements. Through supportive –education, rns are able to reinforce patients as self-care organization. This is done primarily through teaching and guiding. Sufferers are encouraged to voice concerns, and together rns and sufferers explore the best choices that will enhance the healing process. Nurses make certain that there is a cooperation by making self-care agents offer input into decision making. Through Orem’s control operations, rns evaluate the quality and level of self-care that the self-care agent is able to carry out, and judge the effectiveness of the measures (Alligood, p. 268, 2010). Through evidence structured practice, strategy of care is modified, and corrective measures are put in place.


Environment may be the surrounding of an individual that affects his or her capability to perform self-care tasks (Nursing Theories, 2014). Self-care is known as a learned patterns and it is inspired by a person’s environment. To get an individual to be able to perform self-care, he or she has to become in an environment that is conducive to this kind of act, when he or she is supplied with psychological support. To promote self-care, it is important that individuals are educated about their environment and tools that exist to help with all the maintenance of overall health. Through education patients are able to practice self-care, while rns monitor and regulate their actions. A great individual’ wellness status is influenced by his or her environment. With the aid of the sufferer and engaged family members, information about the individual’s environment can be collected and the necessary plan of care integrated.


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