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Bram Stoker

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Theme, Irrational belief, Mother Tongue, Excitement

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There are numerous themes and motifs present in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula, ” just like sexuality, femininity, Christianity, irrational belief, and our ancestors bloodline, to mention but a few. However , perhaps one of the most obvious styles surrounds libido and beauty.

Stoker’s “Dracula” can be seen as a sort of Even victorian male “Harlequin” novel, filled with adventure, conspiracy, and damsels in stress. And much like the Harlequin type novels for girls today, Stoker’s novel has an underlying theme of dangerous sexuality, the catch. Many of Stoker’s passages truly read since erotica:

The lady went on her knees, and bent above me, merely gloating. There were a deliberate voluptuousness which was both stimulating and repugnant, and as the girl arched her neck the lady actually licked her lip area like an dog, till I could see in the moonlight the moisture shimmering on the scarlet lips and the red tongue… Reduce and reduce went her head while the lip area went below the range of my own mouth and chin and seemed to secure on my neck…. I could go through the soft, shivering touch in the lips for the super delicate skin of my can range f… I shut down my eyes in languorous ecstasy and anxiously waited, waited with beating cardiovascular system (Stoker Phase 3 pp).

This is certainly every single man’s dream and most likely has been since the days of Eden, being seduced simply by three girls. Stoker wittingly incorporates lovemaking images by placing a stamps of nasty upon them. The foxes were not really women or in other words of usual women. These were other-worldly, wicked and hazardous, as well as tempting and irresistible. By Stoker’s description, you can actually assume that the feminine vampire is positioned for a intimate act, as a result, showing a girl sexual out and out aggression that is new, yet appealing, to Harker. Certainly such an act will be possible just in a home of ill-repute, or in a male fantasy, a man’s creativity, much just like a woman’s dream of being preserved by a knight on a white-colored horse. This kind of sexual habit would never had been expected of Victorian ladies, nor approved by Even victorian society.

Back in the nineteenth century, women had been very much the victims with the Madonna-prostitute fantasy. If a woman was not a mother and/or wife, your woman was anticipated to be virtuous and genuine, innocent of carnal knowledge and wants. And if the girl was nor, she was condemned by simply society being a fallen woman, or fundamentally a hottie, with minimum redeeming characteristics to offer. Stoker allows Dracula to gap these qualities against each other, good against evil, utilizing the cultural presumptions and philosophy of feminine sexuality. Sharon and Mitt represent the epitome of advantage. They are every thing they should be, blameless, pure, and ignorant of evil.

Stoker portrays the victims from the vampires as hypnotized and transfixed. They may be not savagely raped or murdered, they may be sexually seduced, and become prepared participates, struggling to resist their own sexual wants. Stoker uses the word, voluptuous several times over the novel to explain the foxes. When Lucy is transformed, her chastity has took on “voluptuous wantonness” (Stoker Part 16 pp). Stoker also includes a passage of how her lips had been crimson plus the blood trickled down and “stained the purity” of her fatality robe (Stoker Chapter of sixteen

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