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Right, seen around the 4th January 2012). Yet nowadays, countries and towns bid to host these types of events with additional pragmatic objectives where artwork, culture and sport can be viewed as as tools of place marketing and urban regeneration (MATHESON, 201 0), gut whether or not these is designed are respectable, the history demonstrates the results are not always as you expected.

While London, uk is going to sponsor the Olympics in the summer of this year, it might be interesting to obesee some examples of the earlier and to observe how the London authorities are using this crucial experience, This is why, the aim of this kind of essay will probably critically go over the assumption that London will gain from hosting the Olympic Games by drawing on past examples of main sporting events and festivals. To deal with this subject, the article is divided in three or more parts.

Firstly, we Student talk about what authorities seek out When they put money for hosting major sport events and festivals, accompanied by a section that can draw upon the lessons learned coming from previous projects, and finally we Will look at if London authorities seem to have taken into account these lessons.. The expected aims when ever hosting mega events Since noted simply by L Davies (201 1), over the last twenty years there has been a brand new trend growing within sport, which has noticed a shift, frown expense for the sake of sport to purchase in sport for good'(pas.

This change, which has recently been seen within just art and culture, is known as a new emerging trend generated by the context of globalization. In line with the metaphors of communication of cities mentioned by Alias Baristas and Asp Mistrust (2004), mobile capital and tourists are definitely the highly versatile consumers, towns are the merchandise, and local federal government, organizations and institutions will be the manufacturers, the marketers plus the retailers (IPPP).

In a very competitive marketplace (rabid), sport, art and culture are then a bit of factors employed by the last sort of actors to boost their item, by making that different and meeting the needs from the consumers. More concretely, sport, art and culture have been more customizes to address downtown regeneration aims (L Revealed, 201 1) because a lot of governments, showing off and non- sporting businesses believe that a Wide range Of economic and social benefits can be conferred by this to many of these and neighborhoods.

This can be in that case used to revivalist declining urban areas (rabid). The top term of legacy requirements then to get introduced. Certainly, this phrase for which many authors explain that the a broadly contested and certainly misitreperted concept, is becoming overused in every major sporting events from the bet to the organizing of the event and post-event period.

Pertaining to L Revealed (2011), this kind of term represents: the wide range of outcomes frequently associated with and expected of major situations, ranging trot physical factors including wearing infrastructure and urban and environmental expansion, through to larger socio-economic advancements to an region such as boosting skills and workforce development, community relations and sociable capital (p. L), In accordance to MATHESON (2010), the presentation of short-term affects to wager and to web host major events are not enough anymore.

At present, the city and the host country need to confirm the assets can be environmentally friendly with the creation of legacies, whether to win the right to host the event, to encourage community and stakeholder support for the big event, but also to justify when you will discover high amounts of public sector investment. That is why the authorities which will host this kind of egg situations take more and more care of the legacy preparing and even produce specific organization, Which in the case Of the London, uk 2012 Olympic Games is named the Olympic Recreation area Legacy Firm.

The Heritage planning may be widely diverse With styles including the improvements Of the exercise levels, the academic benefits, the sustainability and regeneration improvements, and financial and social developments (Scottish Government, Bibb). But as T Davies promises. When she reuses the concept created by Grafton and Press (2008), a dice with three dimensions: confident and bad, planned and unplanned, tangible ND intangible can be used to contemplate the concept of legacy.

The problem is in that case, that in reality the research realized to measure the feasibility and the impact of the occasions are only aimed at the positive, designed and concrete dimensions. Thus, because it may be quantitatively assessed, the economic outcomes are usually lead to the foreground (rid). Now we have offered the should some towns and countries to sponsor major sporting events and fests, the next portion will look at some lessons learned from prior examples of metropolitan areas and countries which have managed such ultra events.

2, Some lessons learned via previous projects In order to critically discuss the assumption that London is going to benefit from hosting the Olympic Games, we are going to in brief observe several previous types of cities which may have hosted these kinds of mega events and to set up some lessons learned that needs to be taken into account, In the first place, the instances of the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 and in Athens in 2005 will be observed because that they both demonstrate the fact that, as Bernadine (2010, p. 22) described it, in spite of a real handle effect, the organization of international events like the

Olympics, cause some not negligible cons, especially in terms Of the respect of Fundamental Legal rights often dismissed in favor of the gigantic that continues to be the Achilles heel In the games. The example Of Athens Olympics is very prominent. By simply hosting the Games, the city and the Traditional government desired to deeply modernize the transportation and the holiday accommodation infrastructures which existed yet were outdated for a Western european city, while launching the development of the Olympic venues, and had the need to enhance the ancient heritage of Athens and of its and surrounding suburbs (Baristas At the. 006). Thanks to the Olympics, we were holding able to know Herculean functions and were to be funded by up to 50% by the European Union but the Ancient greek language capital has failed to assume the post-Olympic period to become the example of what not to do (rabid), Today only in the venues were converted, the mediocre remaining because white elephants (rabid).

In addition to the total cost to the games, the Ancient greek language state and its capital need to spend each year since the end of the Olympic competitions VISION million pertaining to the maintenance road imperfections abandoned Olympic venues (rabid), We can master many lessons from this model, The initially nee is the fact what is vital for the hosted regulators is to plan a long- term musical legacy usage of the Olympic locations as soon as possible and promote a normal usage of the Olympic Recreation area to maximize the economic and social legacies in the surrounding area (L Davies, 2011).

By bringing in regular occasions, will not only increase the job opportunities within the venues themselves and return in public investment, but produce a vibrancy to the place, that will encourage other investment and usage (rabid), but it may also permit for each venue to build their own revenue and to end up being economically feasible (rabid). The 2000 Olympics in Sydney was one more example of Olympics organization Which will paid little attention to musical legacy planning.

Certainly, even if it delivered effective games (rabid) which acquired significant significance for the regeneration of Homeboys Gulf (Sear G., 2002) in bringing this forward and at a range probably not normally possible (rabid). The bid pertaining to the Olympics permitted the authorities to shift coming from a project of the industrial zone to the revitalization of the Brownfield site into a green Olympic Park (rabid).

However , the underestimation with the final expense of the Olympic park, the subordination of landing to economic expansion, the need for partnerships with the exclusive sector and the post-games competition between different venues inside the city cause a more reactive, short term and unpredictable organizing process that could have been averted if a public sector business have straight planned the regeneration from the area in a holistic method (Davies T, 2011). Another lesson that individuals can study from previous projects is this need for the involvement and the involvement of the community communities in the regeneration of their area.

If on an economical point of view by simply integrating coal businesses inside the economic process of the Olympics Park, yet also on a social viewpoint by welcoming communities to participate in sporting activities and services offered for the park (rabid On this stage, the sort of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics has shown that negative legacies can be produced if the neighborhood population is excluded from the planning method, with anxiety about increasing home prices and gentrification (rabid).

Moreover, the successful connection with the 2002 Commonwealth Video games in Gatwick has shown that the volunteer work force is critical to mega sport events including the Olympic or Commonwealth Games (Nichols G. Gamma, Ralston R., 2011, p. I), Which still left a long term heritage in terms of employability, social introduction, and economic benefits (rabid). The last lesson that we may learn from previous initiatives is a importance of making regular critiques of the financial, social and environmental affects of this sort of events heritage even if some are not really quantifiable. Ill.

The London 2012 Olympic Games faced to these prior lessons As the Olympic Games will begin in several months, it is not presently possible to clearly understand the assumption that London is going to benefit trot hosting the Olympic Games but what we can currently say that in contrast to the instances of Sydney and Athens, the London regulators seem to have taken legacy being a very important component of the accomplishment of the Video games from the outset (L Davies, 2011), This disagreement can be illustrated by the early on creation in the Olympic Recreation area Legacy Firm (POLL), which in turn aim is to lead the long-term physical transformation with the Park after the Games (rabid). Sitting the required website in the London Olympics and of the POLL, the overall feeling when ever seeing the actual diverse list of legacy seeks, is that the London, uk authorities tried to take advantage farreneheit previous failed examples. This begins while using considerable aim to regenerate a crucial part of East London, within the Olympic boroughs which signify the greatest bunch Of deprivation in England and Wales (L Davies, 2011, IPPP).

The area communities appear then to be the focal point in the legacy aspires which strategy With a holistic consideration to create a vibrant and active Olympic Park (POLL web site, seen on the 5th January 2012), which will be fully integrated Inside the surrounding, and also to provide the Widest possible public benefits(rabid). The Olympics are noticed as a one of a kind chance to get in touch communities over the Lea Pit (rabid) and achieve this, transfers connections had been or are staying improved, for example the upgrading with the Stratford Local Station.

One more aim said by the London, uk authorities is that 100% in the spectators are certain to get the Online games by open public transport, or by strolling or bicycling (London 2012 legacy web page, seen on the 5th January 2012). Concerning to the long-term usage of the Olympic Area, the VOTE plans to remodel it following the Games. The aim being to make a new centrality with merged usages, an exclusive 21st century garden city (POP_C web site, viewed on the next January 2012), with an essential emphasis on durability highlighted by the elaboration of The London 2012 Sustainability Strategy: Towards a One Planet 2012.

This is where the Olympic arena, transformed into a multi-purpose place which will be flexible for a a comprehensive portfolio of sporting and cultural incidents to maximize their chance to being on a regular basis used, would have been a central stage (bird). While all of this looks perfect, the reality is not, because noted T Davies (2011, IPPP) possibly she explained proposals presently reflect aspirations rather than truth, with rendering and money of heritage plans continue to unclear.

Indeed, in the context of economic crisis, the final global cost of the Games has tripled in comparison to the initial spending budget (Photojournalism, noticed on the 7th January 2012), what should certainly lead all of us to think about what will be the real legacy with the Olympic Park, What Will always be the final price for the taxpayers, about the difficulty the POLL likely will have to discover investors pertaining to the change of the Area, about the high likelihood that an significant part Of the jobs created by the event Will simply be momentary. Conclusion What cities are searching for today by hosting foreign events like the

Olympics or perhaps the Commonwealth video games or such as the title of European Capital of Tradition, are mainly of initial effects, such as the fact that these types of events have real button effect to obtain funding via private sector and general public institutions just like the European Union for making public and infrastructures which are often realized by a very mass. This kind of projects taking more and more part of a technique that should address the needs to changing urban panoramas to address globalization and intercity E., Spooning Ay 2004). But at the sight of previous examples such as the Beijing

Sydney specifically Athens Olympics, authorities hosting these events are now asked to foresee the long lasting effects, that are called the legacy. While the Birmingham Authorities apparently have taken critically into account the legacy planning from the start of the Games formulations, with the primary aim to make a part of East London areas containing probably the most deprived friends and neighbors of England and ensuring that within two decades the areas who web host the 2012 Games will have the Same sociable and financial chances as their neighbors throughout London, according to the Strategic

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