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Feature of Character

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Know Your Character types Features

Do you know what characterizes the characters features? Or are you drawing general eyes, noses, and confront shapes? This kind of first part doesnt require drawing abilities, only to be able to really find them within your minds eye. Its properly okay, at first, to basic your personas on people you know. Think about a close friend, someone you may visualize plainly. Can you illustrate the shape of their nose? Eye? Mouth? Can be their chin strong or weak? Most probably you cannot, since you have a general picture of those in mind, however you cannot think about the details when you try to picturize them.

This is easy to change, as you may just need to commence paying attention to specific features without any assistance. Next time the thing is that particular friend, look carefully, and write down what you discover. By talking about the identifying features that you just see to yourself, you become aware of all their uniqueness.


The facial skin is naturally in which we look for the most of the particulars to recognize a person. The eyes, the nose, the lips and so forth are special for each person.


Remember men and female hands dont look alike, there may be smooth or rough hands, long hands, short fingertips, fine hands, coarse hands and so on


Have you ever before found yourself spotting someone inside the distance simply by how they stand, or the way they walk? Pose is another big clue for identification. Were constantly advised we should stand straight, thus we may usually always draw people who stand straight, in reality there are many degrees of good posture. We each have our special posture, like the characters beneath, who every single stand in another way.

Dressing style

Be aware that this is about a persons style, not of a costume. They are not creating one costume that this person will wear on a regular basis, unless theyre in a uniformed profession. While in actual life few people wear the same thing working day in, day trip, most people carry out have a definite dress style, and that is a thing that very much issues in a character. This costume style not simply creates consistency, but likewise conveys most of the characters personality and/or circumstance.

Know How to Attract Those Features From Several Angles

Once they are fully mindful of what is exclusive in your personality, its a chance to make sure you may draw these types of traits.


Use a willing friend again, or perhaps if impossible, gather images of a superstar (as theyll be simple to find) by many different aspects. Focus on only one feature each time, sketching it from different directions. This kind of neednt certainly be a burden, since youll observe that some perspectives are a little bit repetitive, and that you can get a fantastic grip over a feature for those who have it by front, area, three quarters, over and below. Here are some examples of the nose via various sides.

Some confront contours:

In this way you build up an understanding of these features as THREE DIMENSIONAL shapes. Please reduce these to simpler geometric shapes for those who have trouble initially. And dont forget to evaluate different features under similar aspects. For instance, just how do different eye brows look based on a expressions?

How to Bring a Human Number

In this chapter, we all will learn the steps of pulling a full-sized man with pencil. As you might know, drawing a person Face could possibly be challenging, because only designers with lots of encounter can do this with ease. Each of our art lessons are intended mainly for kids, therefore there is no need to put too much fine detail into the realistic Eyes and other facial features. Just do the best you can! It is important to learn how you can draw family portrait of a man using #2 pencil.

Some people have got a habit of applying dotted lines as rules, which they afterwards erase. My personal word of advice is usually to learn how to draw a series in one motion without being afraid to make a problem. You have to picture the final graphic while you are attracting a human determine, especially of your man in motion. Amazingly, the most important thing in visual fine art of any sort is not accurate proportions and outlines from the image, nevertheless the mood or perhaps character from the person communicated in a pulling though their facial appearance and/or body gestures.

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