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Drug Abuse

Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Medicines, War On Prescription drugs

Excerpt from Term Conventional paper:

This despite the amount of money is being thrown away on “the war on prescription drugs. ” Making “war” militarily on a medical/social problem makes no impression. In addition to the emotional problems of individuals, social conditions contribute tremendously to the issue. People who are alone from contemporary society become addicted to drugs, while Sen. Robert Kennedy talked about back in 65. Solving the drug problem means “solving poverty and broken homes, racial discrimination and insufficient education, slums and unemployment” (cited in Goldberg, 2005 p. 11), not to mention kid abuse. Instead, we treat prostitutes that they were scum. A New York study indicates that the law enforcement officials, the legal courts, and their clientele (johns) consistently mistreat these questions manner that violates civil liberties and human rights. This is “mirrored at the legislativo level, in which sex workers bear the brunt from the criminal proper rights system while johns generally get off relatively lightly” (Facts about prostitution web site).

Until the sophisticated, hard-core sociable problems are resolved in a meaningful way, medicine use will continue to be a problem. Medication use is a symptom of social sickness, and making “war” on a sign without handling the disease on its own is worthless, expensive, besides making everything a whole lot worse. Sanho Shrub (Goldberg, 2005) points out that “By dealing with this like a criminal proper rights problem, each of our range of alternatives has been sharply limited” (p. 11). Basically, we have lower ourselves off from social procedures that might basically reduce the issue.

Controlled decriminalization would allow the society to find other more productive strategies to control and reduce drug abuse. In the event drug make use of were decriminalized, the problem of prostitution might decrease considerably. The $20 billion 12 months we now invest in controlling medicine traffic could possibly be used more effectively to address additional social challenges. Effective or perhaps not, the device we now have has invested by itself and is attempting to maintain on its own. But undertaking more of the same will never make a different consequence.


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