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Drug Abuse

Excerpt from Term Paper:

Drug Abuse and Pregnant Women

Recommended Title to get the newspaper: Using for Two: Pregnancy and Drug Abuse

The broad newspaper topic is drug abuse by simply pregnant women. Nevertheless , a narrow focus in this paper is going to deal with the physical and psychological effects on the fetus (and the child) which have been associated with substance abuse during pregnancy. The paper will also address the efficacy of numerous proposed alternatives, including treatment options, sociological and philosophical significance, and lawbreaker justice approaches as well.

Mainly because drug abuse by simply pregnant women can result in the infant producing severe medical problems, learning and emotional disabilities someday, and can be possibly fatal, the us government and Kid Protection Providers should acknowledge that substance abuse by women that are pregnant is a form of kid abuse.

The us government and Kid Protection Companies should accept that drug abuse by expecting mothers is similar to child misuse because an innocent victim’s life is at risk: the infant may develop extreme medical challenges, learning and emotional problems, and likely death.

5. The problem that is discussed with this paper may be the lack of very clear public coverage regarding medicine use simply by pregnant women. The medical and psychiatric effects of substance abuse on the infant have been obviously established, and will be discussed for length in the paper. A great examination of past and current approaches to pregnant drug abusers will also be offered. These will include philosophical problems like feminist approaches as well as more hard-lined criminal rights approaches to drug abuse by women that are pregnant. However , since drug abuse features such serious and long term effects within the infant, We assert that pregnant mothers should be considered to get child abusers, just as beating children or neglecting all of them is considered child abuse inside the eyes from the law.

5. Statement of limitations: A lot of the available literary works deals with possibly the medical and psychiatric effects of drug abuse around the infant or with addiction treatment; generally there aren’t various sources that address drug abuse by pregnant women as being a way to obtain child abuse. Therefore , getting adequate supply material may pose an important problem just for this research.

six. Definition of terms: Child Abuse: any physical or mental mistreatment of your child. Habit: A compulsive psychological and physiological drive to overuse a substance to a point where it interferes with daily life, rationality, and usual functioning. Medicine: For the purposes with this paper, medicines will not incorporate medically designated pharmaceuticals directed at the mother but rather will incorporate the use of illicit substances like crack and cocaine and legal although harmful chemicals like alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

7. Period Plan: Work will be completed on December 11. Included will be the cover sheet, summary, table of contents, characters, tables, and a Functions Cited

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