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The K to 12 System covers Kindergarten and more than a decade of fundamental education (six years of principal education, 4 years of Jr . High School, and two years of Senior High School [SHS]) to provide adequate time for competence of ideas and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills creation, employment, and entrepreneurship. College students are able to find out best through their initially language, their Mother Tongue (MT).

Twelve (12) MT dialects have been released for SY 2012-2013: Kode Sug, Bikol, Cebuano, Agreste, Hiligaynon, Iloko, Kapampangan, Maguindanaoan, Meranao, Pangasinense, Tagalog, and Waray.

Other local ‘languages’ will be added in making it school years. Aside from the Native language, English and Filipino will be taught while subjects starting Grade you, with a give attention to oral fluency. From Degrees 4 to 6, English language and Philippine are steadily introduced as languages of instruction. Both equally will become main languages of instruction in Junior High school graduation (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS).

After Level 1, just about every student can read in his or perhaps her Mother Tongue.

Learning in Native language also serves as the foundation for young students to learn Philippine and The english language easily. Plan implementation in public places schools has been done in stages starting SY 2012″2013. Class 1 entrants in SY 2012″2013 would be the first group to fully undergo the program, and current 1st year Jr . High School students (or Grade 7) are the first to undergo the enhanced secondary education program. To facilitate the transition from the existing 10-year basic education to 12 years, DepEd is likewise implementing the SHS and SHS Building.

Here are some from the reasons why not disagree with K- doze education strategy in the Israel: If K- 12 will probably be implemented, learners will be able to obtain sufficient training time to do subject- related tasks making them more prepared and well- trained on that subject area. Alternatively, if we remain on the old program, Filipino college students would continuously get low achievement scores. For instance, worldwide test benefits revealed that we frequently come at the tail result in the tests compared to other countries.

Another good reason why we should support K- 12 is that the graduates with this program will be more prepared to your labor force. As we all noticed, high school graduates with the current program are not but employable since they are not competent and well ” equipped with the skill sets needed in the workplaces. In addition , most high school graduation graduates are certainly not yet reaching the legal associated with 18. With the new programs, senior high school pupils can choose an area that they are good at and that they have an interest in.

As a result, they will be equipped with the skills needed for a certain job even without a college level. At the age of 18, the age after they graduate from secondary school, they will be employed and competitive already. Therefore, adding up to the nation’s personnel. Finally, with K- doze, Filipino teachers will be instantly recognized as professionals abroad since we are pursuing the international education standard since practiced by simply all nations around the world. There will be do not need study again and dedicate more money to be able to qualify to their standards.

With this, Philippine professionals who also aspire to operate abroad will not likely find a hard time in getting job in line with their chosen field and will be in a position to help their families more in the Philippines as well as the country’s overall economy with their remittances, property buying, and creation of businesses. Filipinos are known to be competitive in the international community. While this can be true, each of our current education system hinders us in becoming more competitive among different countries. The K- doze education program offers an excellent solution to that problem.

Nevertheless , it is unquestionable that there seems to be problems arising even as implement this program such as deficiency of government spending budget, classrooms and school products as well as the teachers. But , if we focus on the long- term effect of K- 12, we can conclude it is very beneficial to us Filipinos. Therefore , we should have the strong will in supporting K- 12 Educational Plan for the betterment of our education system and economy. Remember, if we like change in our society, we need to start that with our education system.

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