Earning a College Degree Essay

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Earning a college level has always been an essential goal of mine. My children are maturing and in some short years will start researching college themselves.

It became crucial for me at this point than ever to make my fantasy, my objective, a reality. There were many elements that came in to play once i decided that this was the most fortunate time in my life to return to school. Like a non-traditional scholar, cost, versatility, and accreditation were being among the most important factors to me when choosing an internet university. As my study into discovering the right university continuing, I found that Western Governors University had much more to supply their learners than just a college degree. The financial aspect of time for school was probably my biggest matter.

I wanted to earn a diploma, but didn’t want to be playing a significant student loan repayment at the end. A lot of the online University’s that I looked into were for profit schools. Being new and fresh to this analysis I didn’t realize that there was clearly such point as a non for profit online College or university until I actually stumbled upon WGU. With cost-effective tuition, I knew that my own dream could soon turn into reality. My personal children and husband happen to be my number 1 priorities.

They always have been, always will probably be. My time spent with them can be precious the other that I would certainly not give up to get anything. The flexibility in classes and homework that WGU offers has given me the perfect equilibrium to be both a mom and students. Since WGU is a competency based institution, this allows me personally to spend a fraction of the time on the material that I know and concentrate more around the subjects which i am less familiar with.

Certification was another factor for me personally. I didn’t want to pay the next three to four years going to school, spending countless hours examining and learning, only to find out that long term employers would not take my degree seriously. Finding out that WGU is extremely respected amongst businesses made my decision that much easier. There have been a couple of unexpected amazed along my personal journey thus far, with WellConnect being one of these. I by no means realized simply how much an online school could care about the health and wellbeing of their students.

WGU also has some good mentors who not only offer encouragement, nevertheless push one to do the ideal and be the very best that you can end up being. From my personal first query of European Governors College or university to now, I can admit, without a doubt, We made the best decision. I use finally located an online school who is in the same way committed to my success?nternet site am.

I would encourage anyone thinking about returning to school like a nontraditional college student to look no further than Western Governors University. With their low-cost educational costs, flexibility, and accreditation to their amazing and patient mentors and the competency structured program, WGU is definitely a perfect fitting.

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