earthquake essay

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Eartquake features lived many country. Many people

have got died this kind of eatquake. The most important example, 17

August it happened in 1999 Turkey earthquake. The most effective? stanbul

Avc? big and Yalova in Poultry. What does improve this

eathquake before and after?

Precisely what is the event about earthquake right now?


After earthquake 17 August was noth? ng old precisely the same stil

individuals have continued unhealthy. We have to live with

earthquake. The l? ideología and propecty lost to be 17 September and

doze September? in earthquake. It had been Earthquake has become to know

event a naturel people arent interested, unaware reason alter

in fact a disaster.

Other civilized countries have precautions. They may have

known incredibly good an undeniable fact. They understand healtier, than other people.

Consequently A complexes very very good are built by simply they along years.

Chicken hasnt improvied. Eartquakes cause peopels generate to

make more very much for not enough and not long lasting buildings. We all

control to have our area new complexes. We readiness

new an earthquake.

People Havent Flipped Back Older Way Of Life After Many People Have Been

Disaster? n Living

Turkey lived disaster centurys in 17 August 1999.

Earthquake taken down evening at goal. 02 45 second six. 4 assault

in Marmara.

Later on from earthquake


Strong structures first dispute life community bank and ministry

of public performs was made properties different between in purpose.

World Banking companies buildings small cause eartguake victim, response.

Some business stopped development because, There were

economic assault in Chicken.

Peoplebuildings take delivery to be experienced any with



The unemployment enhance, the company shut off

Turkey. Persons begin to live unsuitable structures. Turkish

technicians collected inside and outside support 10 poids dollars

, although Yalova was given 1, a few milliard us dollars by government.


Earthquake patient work percent 42. several in 100 million

doolars in marmara.

Other result in study

The loved ones have at home measure percent 47

The familys tenant measure percent 42. two

The familys lodging assess percent six. 7

The familys apatman measure percent 61. six

The familys hause evaluate percent up to 29. 7

The investmen discuss got significantly less budgets federal government. Healty

education, social, protection etc . Restricted to do this department

for government. Earthquake persons lived serious problem. This

difficulty didnt cave in buildings persons.

However self-criticism make Augusts anniversary this

geography should make ideal building. We could honest

contrary yourself, As a result we become to protect our future.

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