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Following the end with the French and Indian Conflict in 1763 the American people got taxes put on them by British. The British Parliament claimed that by placing the taxes they were defending the colonies pertaining to the Americans. During the 14 years following a war, the British enacted a numerous sum of fees that allowed them to increase revenue in the American overall economy. This demanding of the American people harm the American economy and started to force the American colonists toward an freedom movement and so they could have a free overall economy. Over the course of the twelve-year period there were six acts passed to take funds from the American economy.

The Sugar Work of 1764 was the initial act used by the Uk to funnel revenue in Britain. The British particularly stated in the Sugar Work, a revenue be brought up in your Majestys said dominions in America, intended for defraying the expenses of defending, protecting, and protecting the same (The Sugar Act). This shows that the English were making use of this act in order to raise earnings because that they needed this to defray the cost of preventing against the French. The work forced tariffs on items being brought in into the groupe. Examples of these types of goods had been sugar, molasses, foreign indigo, and espresso. This angered the settlers because these people were depending seriously on operate with other groupe and countries outside of the North American region.

The colonists particularly stated in a petition from your Massachusetts Residence of Representatives to the Residence of Commons on November 3, 1764 that a prohibition will be prejudicial to many twigs of it is trade and definitely will lessen the consumption of the manufactures of Britain (King, Peter. Request from the Massachusetts). The American colonists saw the influences this take action would have on the economy of Massachusetts as it was triggering economic concerns. The transact of one item of trade being ended caused concerns. A person who depended on it could no more sell it when they imported that. This continue to happens within our economy today.

One of this today would be something such as Pratt and Whitney final down a plant, this can hurt the rest of the community that once benefited from it.

The most important problem pertaining to America was trade with the French. The economy of fishermen started to suffer when the The french language stopped allowing fish to get carried by foreigners to the of their island destinations unless that be bartered of traded for molasses (King, Philip. Petition through the Massachusetts). Being unable to exchange fish for molasses triggered the economy to suffer. The British mentioned that the colonies could just obtain molasses from United kingdom sources, helping to make this suffering economy evident.

The British not really allowing seafood to be exchanged with the groupe put the fishermen who depended on this as being a livelihood out of business. This started to drive the colonists toward opposition against British participation in North American affairs. The cause of this level of resistance was taxation, which was needs to hurt our economy.

Another difficulty plaguing our economy of Britain was that the People in the usa continued to issue a lot of paper charges. The English felt the effective way to halt the issuing in the bills was to put in place a Currency Action. They noticed the paper money because greatly depreciating the value of bills that would have to be paid to his Majesty (The Currency Act).

This policy angered the colonists because they already had an action in place to keep them coming from selling and buying goods at affordable prices. The colonists stated in a request to the Property of Commons, they will not be able to pay back their debts if they happen to be not allowed to issue money. This induced the colonists to become really nervous regarding being hurt economically coming from taxes staying placed on these people by a federal government who would not even know of the conditions in the us.

The Stamp Act of 1765 was the first direct tax put on the goods getting imported in to the American Groupe. Just like the Sugar Act, the British Legislative house enacted that to raise considerable amounts of revenue. The original Stamps Act file states, It taxed newspaper publishers, almanacs, pamphlets, broadsides, legal documents, dice, and homemade cards.


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