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Since the initially flight of an airplane of Wright Friends, the flying has had a dramatic development. Nowadays, various people select airplane rather than other ways of transports when they go for holidays, or perhaps for business activities and commercial purposes because of many positive aspects that this sort of flights provide. However , in addition there are disadvantages regarding this type of travel. This composition will present equally some advantages and disadvantages of this kind of flights. First of all, the demand for flying has good impacts on both local and global financial systems.

The first reason why persons prefer going by airplane is time-saving. In the past, people could just use ships or autos to go between great distance, especially to a new continent, which took many days and several weeks. Recently, as a result of flights network, all those troubles have been fixed easily. With all the high speed, we can go across continents within just twenty several hours or fewer.

Besides, the commercial transactions and business activities have been treated more efficiently.

Both makers and customers are content with this mode because the very good of the former can come to advertise more quickly, as well as the latter may use those goods sooner. This kind of flight as well plays an essential role in import and export by making gross domestic good boost and fixing the workforce problem. On the other hand, the high number of plane tickets causes the next negative affects. An airline consumes a bigger amount of petroleum than any other means of transport. Worse continue to, the more fossil fuel consumed, the more pollution the environment will probably be suffered.

In addition, flights have already been affected by many factors such as weather, security¦Thus, scheduled plane tickets have to be postponed or terminated which causes trouble for people. Despite of top speed and modern facilities of plane, the high price of air travel also get people to hesitate when they want traveling by airplane, so they should choose one more transport. To summarize, although such flights can easily increase Major Domestic Item, save some make people convenient when traveling, in addition they damages environment by strenuous fumes and making issues when the air travel was canceled or late. However , in my opinion, the advantages of using air carriers still outweigh the drawbacks.


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