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The movie Jose Rizal which was outstandingly played by simply Cesar Montano as the lead function was a heart-warming one that shows how Rizal runs his life. While watching the movie, My spouse and i felt mixed emotions given the fact it turned out made to support us, Filipinos, understand what each of our national leading man had done for the country. It displays how Rizal really love his mother country for him to sacrificed his very own life. The film as well works by using a series of flashback showing Rizal as a guru, a compose, a doctor, a great artist, a lover, a friend, a brother, a son which gives texture to his character.

It reveals the great explanation of the Philippine history, the nationalism and heroism within a nonviolent manner, though, there was times which the characters speak in The spanish language language and I couldn’t appreciate it unless of course I will browse the subtitles. I could also declare the different characters weren’t having virtually any difficulties in reciting their particular Spanish lines.

The actors’ dedication for the film is inevitable specifically Cesar Montagnoso who is incredibly perfect for the role of Rizal.

His values and great overall performance as the lead acting professional is impeccable and has a great influence on me because the audience from the said film. Also, the supporting casts like Jhong Hilario who played as Rizal’s servant, Jaime Fabregas as Rizal’s attorney performed a great job in portraying their role fluently. They made it easy for me to know the flow of the story. However , you can also get negative remarks that I must say about the movie. The plot was full of changes and becomes. It is perplexing to watch as a result of too many flashbacks and you could not guess whether it be still in flashback or not. Likewise, some displays are challenging, and some are generally not suitable for small children such as the bed scene in which the Spanish priest together with the used of his electric power tried to afeitado a Philippine woman.

They should’ve minimize that field knowing that this kind of film isn’t just for old-aged viewers yet also for the students who are studying the life of Rizal, specifically those who have the niche El Filibusterismo and Noli me Interessare. All in all, film production company is fantastically great. It was epic, drama and vem som st?r. There are funny, tearful, griefs; hatred scenes that would absolutely make you enjoy it. The characters are unforgettable. I particularly love the previous scene when Rizal fell into the ground facing the heavens, having his last breathing look at an attractive surprise ” it only shows that Rizal did not pass away in vain. His loss of life was only the start of everything we aim to encounter the Spaniards who manufactured us undergo. After watching the film, I didn’t want to help but feel the feeling of satisfaction being him as the Philippine National Hero. You cannot find any one just like Rizal. He can a heritage of how real Filipino is.


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