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Currently, technology has already been taking over the world. They use technology in different techniques. It is a huge help especially in conversing. Social networking sites will be products of technology and in addition one way of conntacting each other. Most people are fond of employing social networking sites. They consider it as a part of our daily lives. They appreciate sharing pictures, expressing our feelings and thoughts, and blogging regarding new things. Everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and many more.

They get pleasure from using them specifically teenagers. They will share almost anything they do and express their particular unsaid thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Nevertheless does their addiction in using these types of social networking sites nonetheless benefits these people? They can say that social networking sites are good inventions in terms of connecting and socializing yet teenagers who also are fond of employing these cannot seem to receive enough. Some of them or Many of them certainly make use of these every now and then. It is really ironic that they still have time to talk about in social networking sites that they have a great deal of home performs and quizzes instead of just spending their amount of time in studying and doing all their school works.

Pertaining to the next year students, they really should have a good time managing because they must imply the requirements they are obligated to do to be able to graduate from high school graduation. They need to always be responsible in dividing the time in lots of things but should it really be true that they can continue to find the perfect time to use these types of social networking sites?

Carry out these social networking sites already influence their examine habits? Theresearchers want to know if perhaps these social networking sites affect the examine habits with the 4th season students and how can they maintain good examine habits without having to be distracted. All of us also planned to know if these online communities can help all of them in their technique of studying. This kind of study can be conducted to know the good and bad associated with social networking sites for the students also to know how to improve and prevent it.

Background with the Problem

One of the obligations of the young adults is to research. Their role is always to become a diligent student and a good child to their parents. As learners, they are supposed to give their finest in their studies to have very good grades. Their particular parents provide every effort they can give send youngsters in school with a high quality education. Nowadays, there are a great number of ways in improving the pattern of educating the students. Technology is definitely one of those. Technology like net can help to increase the knowledge of a student and makes it much easier for them to study but technology can also be reasons for the students to limit their understanding in what they can get from here. Internet is a good and simplest contribution of technology when it comes to communicating, researching and studying.

All of these in only one just click. Internet are unable to only help the students in doing their home functions and studies but likewise in connecting and mingling. There are a lot of websites used by the teenagers to socialize. Websites like these are called Social networking sites. In these sites, they can chat with their close friends and share images and thoughts with them. These sites are also used in marketing products that may be useful for the students. These sites are a good invention but in reality have down sides to the people specifically to the learners. Good research habits are essential in maintaining very good grades at school but pupils tend to overuse these online communities which limit their amount of time in studying. We were holding expected to take more time in studying but because of these social networking sites they tend to be diverted.

They spent most of all their time in using their social networking sites and lessen their time in learning. As time goes by, the situations are becoming worse. Presently there may come into a point in which students will just make use of their social networking sites instead of learning which may bring about a bigger issue like affecting their degrees and means of learning. It may well cause theirlaziness and no compliance inside their subjects. These problems may lead to the bad educational performance.

Statement of the Trouble

The researcher primarily aimed to learn how the network sites affect the study practices of the next year learners in Keen Light Senior high. This study is purposively conducted to learn the advantages and drawbacks of the online communities to the graduating students and the way of studying.

Specifically, this study ought to answer the following questions: 1 ) Before, pupils used to concentrate with there studies but now that social networking sites are made, how does that they spend their particular time in conditions of studying?

2 . The students are fond of online to accomplish their school works easily yet internet also allows these to use online communities, Can they focus with their school works with all the social networking sites at the same time? 3. Great study habits are preserved by the pupils with the impression of self-discipline and good time administration unfortunately, they will became fans of online communities can they have good research habits regardless of their constant use of online communities?


Null Hypothesis

1 . The 4th year students of Keen Light Senior high are spending so much amount of time in using social networking sites.

2 . That they spend less time in learning.

3. They may have poor research habits and time supervision.

Operational Speculation

1 . The 4th season students of Divine Light Senior high spend a fraction of the time in

studying if they are using online communities

2 . They are used of doing their groundwork and studies while using all their social networking sites.

three or more. They can’t put emphasis when they are employing social networking sites when studying and in addition they can include better research habits without these sites Conceptual Framework

Fig. one particular Effects of the Social Networking Sites for the Study Habit Input

* Just how students spend their time each day in terms

of Studying and Using Social networking sites?

2. Do each uses social networking sites although doing

assignments, especially when doing studies?

5. Can they completely focus in doing their very own homework

without looking into their sites or websites?

5. In what way will they maintain good study practices?

By using social networking sites or perhaps

without the use of online communities?

* What do they actually first as soon as they open your computer

to perform a research or homework?

Method * Watching their functionality in class of course, if they can comply to the requirements * needed in their subjects.

* Asking about their analyze habits and their use of online communities. * Interviewing them about their daily routine and the way of managing their studiesand their use of social networking sites. 2. Giving questionnaires to the participants to gather data. Output

* By just simply observing, the researcher

will know in the event the student’s performance is

satisfying or not.

* By asking about their study patterns, the

researcher knows the reason why their particular

school performance is definitely satisfying or not.

* They might feel and realize that they need to

* boost their study habits and avoid or

reduce the thoughts.

2. The lack of examine habits can be change with

5. the questionnaires that are given to them.

Definition of Terms

1 . Academic Performance- the basis for your overall degrees. 2 . Blogging- is a way of sharing remarks, opinions or articles online 3. Communicating- is to convey .; to reveal or to share

5. Daily Routine- is a pair of things you perform in your everyday routine. 5. Education- is the organized training of moral and intellectual faculties. 6th. Facebook- is actually a social networking web page wherein you’ll be able to new friends, chat and share pictures and comments. six. Instagram- is a social networking site wherein you are able to share virtually any photo and video you want. almost eight. Roles- is a function or part.

being unfaithful. Social networking sites- are the websites wherein you are able to socialize to people. 10. Socializing- is usually to render socially

11. Students- the beneficiaries and those who absorb all the things the teachers happen to be teaching. 12. Study habits- is the work of learning or application of the mind within a usual or perhaps customary time. 13. Teenagers- youth with between 13 and 19 said old.

14. Time Management- this is the skill to control your time to complete the things that you wanted to accomplish. 15. Tumblr- a online community site wherein you can blog page any photo, video, estimates or even a paper about any kind of topic you want. of sixteen. Twitter- you can share or perhaps tweet (as what term used in that site) about anything using a hundred and forty characters just. 17. Websites- the pages you used when your employing internet

Theoretical Framework

Prior to, students accustomed to concentrate with there studies but now that social networking sites will be invented all their time is divided in using online communities and learning each day. They might spend more time in using online communities than studying or they may do it the other way around. The students are fond of using the internet to achieve their college works very easily but internet also enables them to make use of social networking sites although doing their assignments so when they’re performing researches. Will they finish all their school performs without checking out their sites or websites? Good analyze habits happen to be maintained by students with the sense of discipline and good time management unfortunately, they became fans of social networking sites will they still have good study patterns despite of all their continuous utilization of social networking sites?

By observing and asking all of them about their research and day to day routine, we can understand if their studies are affected by their addiction of social networking sites. We are able to observe if they happen to be doing well inside their class and if they can completely focus to their research without being diverted. By just basically observing, the researcher will know if the student’s performance is usually satisfying or not. The researcher may interpret the information gathered to be aware of the reason why their particular class performance is like that. The construed data will give the investigator the conclusion towards the problems set by the study.


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