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Vietnam War

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Lessons Learned by the Americans Experience of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam Battle is one infamous battle in the history of America. It had been the initial war that America required part within an international level and dropped terribly. War statistics demonstrates the America lost an overall total of 54.99, 000 lives and over 350, 000 casualties. The battle also ran in to millions of dollars furnished to financial the warfare. The war also wounded the intercontinental reputation of the nation among the colleagues of great nations around the world such as the Soviet Union (Westheider, 2011). To the effect, various lessons had been drawn where the American nation have formulated all their external warfare strategies to time.

Lessons from diplomatic transactions

The cause of the Vietnam War was something which could very easily be fixed diplomatically. Soon after independence, Vietnam was divided into two parts: the north and the south. Each one of these people operated separately with the North championing communist agenda whiles the to the south championing anti-communist agenda. The tension that ensued because of ideological differences between two countries escalated when the North wanted the To the south to agree to a merger with the two. In retaliation with the south’s defiance to take part in concentration elections, the north fixed to wage an expansionist war resistant to the south. The us of America took sides by a conspiracy with the The southern part of part to stay put and refuse to accept unification. The U. S. even moved forth to provide army support to the South in the warfare against the north. This conflict was a incorrect approach to the crisis. The U. S i9000. government must have considered performing a rounded table diplomatic negotiation with the two international locations to come up with a great amicable strategy to the turmoil. As a superpower, the U. S. had a chance to experience the big brother role and mediate the reconciliation method (Coward, 2014).

The mistake made brought the lesson to the American management that diplomacy is always a great option as a first-time conflict resolution mechanism. It pointed out an inability in looking for a military confrontation on an issue that can have been finished using diplomacy. Cambodia enjoyed a simple role in the beginning. However , when the U. S i9000. invaded the country with the aim of pursuing the Upper Vietnam military holed up there, this complicated the case as Cambodia began seeking anti-war campaigns. This tremendously affected the U. T. offensive in times where it may have quickly gained a worthy ally in Cambodia had they will utilized great diplomatic events.

Lessons about Presidential management

Two American presidents supervised the Vietnam War since the war were only available in 1945. The first leader in this phase was Leader Lyndon Manley. Richard Nixon later used him. What can be seen from

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