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Emergency Room

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

(Cole; Ramirez; Luna-Gonzales, 1999)

The Nurse Practitioner – NP is a registered nurse – RN having added education in health examination, diagnosis and management of illnesses and injuries, including ordering assessments and prescribing drugs. NPs deliver a variety of health companies to people across all ages, families, communities and groups. Their very own practice challenges on the well being promotion and prevention of illness. They are really regulated to undertake comprehensive assessment of overall health, diagnosis and treat health problems, to buy and be familiar with results of diagnostic and screening assessments like ultrasound and mammography and to advise drugs and medicine. NPs deliver care in varied well being settings, beginning from community treatment centers and overall health centers to hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes and house care surroundings. (Canadian Healthcare professionals Association, 2006)

6. Summary and conclusions:

ENA may be the registered body system of Emergency Nurses together with the objectives of promoting quality for crisis nursing and promoting quality emergency attention, acting as resource for crisis nursing practice, professionalism, education, research and consultation. In our competitive healthcare setting, nps are taking after more responsibility for top quality healthcare. As members with the healthcare group, nurse practitioners will be delivering emergency care in varied configurations. In the recent times, the number of persons entering the profession features declined. The aging of the present nursing labor force poses a major challenge. The Nurse Practitioner – NP is a registered nurse – RN with added education in overall health assessment, analysis and managing of health issues and accidental injuries, inclusive of ordering tests and prescribing drugs. NPs offer a spectrum of health companies to people throughout all ages, households, communities and groups. NPs deliver attention in different health configurations, starting from community clinics and health centers to clinics, medical practices, nursing homes and home proper care environments.


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