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Excerpt via ‘Discussion and Results’ phase:

This is when the risks on her will increase, that could have an effect on her ability to get employment later on. (“The Career at Will Règle, ” 2011) (Johnson, 2007) (“Set Up Employee Policies for Your Organization, ” 2011)

What preventive steps should the company have in place in order to reduce any risk or liability on its part?

The very best approach is made for the organization, is to have got clear disciplinary procedures in place. The way that the will occur, is through a process of considering and documenting employee behavioral issues. For example , anyone who is in violation of company plans will be susceptible to a mental warning that is to be documented. Down the road, if they continue with this kind of habit, they will get a written warning. This will ask the individual to cease with their activities or face specific consequences (which are stated). After this takes place, the person will be subject to likely fines, suspension and dismissal. If this type of approach is taken, it will eventually ensure that the firm will be able to document all their reasons for terminating an employee (based on a routine of behavior). This will generate it difficult for them to be able to drag into court for wrongful termination or make any kind of adverse says about how they were mistreated. (“Employee Discipline, inch 2005) (Johnson, 2007) (“Set Up Employee Policies for Your Business, inch 2011)

At the same time, the company needs to have everyone signal a disclosure agreement. This is when they will claim that they understand the different guidelines and procedures. Moreover, that they agree to follow these suggestions and to disciplinary action pertaining to potential violations of organization polices. This will reduce the chances of an individual claiming they did not know about a particular rule. While it can be simultaneously, guarding the firm against almost any civil a lawsuit. If these kinds of approach can be used, it will give full disclosure and can provide managers a process for dealing with issue employees. (“Employee Discipline, ” 2005) (Johnson, 2007) (“Set Up Employee Policies to your Business, inch 2011)

Any kind of exceptions towards the employment-at-will règle that would apply in this case?

You will discover no conditions of the employment at will cortège that can be used on this case. The reason is , Jennifer’s actions were beyond any kind approval for her patterns. As your woman violated business policies and helped made chaos in the work environment. Furthermore, her incapability to perform particular tasks at work is a signal of inefficiencies. This means that her employer may fire Jennifer based on those two issues. As a result, the courts will believe the decision, mainly because they can show how: her actions made the situation more serious and failed to live up to the implied conditions of the contract. (“The Employment at Will Règle, ” 2011) (Johnson, 2007) (“Set Up Employee Guidelines for Your Organization, ” 2011)


Evidently, any kind of decisions by the accounting firm to terminate Jennifer can be officially justified. The key reason why, is because: she gets engaged in habit that is in violation of company plans, she has an attitude problem and cannot satisfy the basic certification of the location. Under the work at will règle, the accounting firm has the authorization to terminate Jennifer and justify their activities from the best perspective. In the event of any kind civil litigation, this pattern may be used to show how a firm was correct in their decisions. And, they were as well giving Jennifer the benefit of the doubt simply by allowing her to remain in the company intended for so long (after repeated incidents).


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