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Ruben Proctor can be described as flawed person, he dedicated an adulterous affair, having a young woman, Abigail Williams, whilst your woman was working in his house, and while his wife was pregnant with his child. However despite this, we all still sympathise with Ruben Proctor. Through the entire play, we come to see that Proctor is truly identified to atone for his sins, and feels frantically guilty. Proctor has many admirable qualities: he’s honest, reliable, loyal, encouraging, and he always sets his relatives first.

But , he has many weak points, and it is these types of weaknesses that eventually indicate his fatality. He is quickly angered, and head solid, he doesnt think of the outcomes and he can single-minded. He flouts Puritan expectations simply by working on Weekends, and when Blooming asks him what the eight commandments will be, he cant recite all of them and we also find his third child will not be baptised, due to his about running argument with the community reverend, Revolution. Samuel Parris. However , the greatest flaw this individual possesses is definitely his incapability to avoid temptation. This, is the simple undertone with the whole play, and is, along with his pride and honesty, is why he is hanged.

The community of Salem is small , and puritanical world. Pleasure and leisure are noticed as wrong and needless, as well as working on a Weekend. They have very strict religious beliefs, and anyone viewed to be flouting the objectives of the faith and of the village was severely managed. Salem was governed by a corrupt specialist who just thought of themselves. Which jewelry into what Miller published The Crucible for, an historic whodunit of the McCarthy witch hunts against communism in America.

From reading Millers stage directions, we are given the impression of David Proctor being a powerful, solid minded guy, powerful of body, certainly not easily led. This prospects us to consider Proctor can be described as strong, constant character, but as we shall see, the steady manner he displays would not spring via an untroubled soul, this kind of suggests Proctor is a struggling man, although no sign of this features appeared for the surface. Ahead of we actually meet Proctor we aware of his insecurities. Miller probably did this kind of so we all dont merely see him as solid, powerful, hard face guy but look at him with an element of compassion. It is important to Miller that individuals sympathise with Proctor, as he plays the innocent victim, corrupted by Abigail, who also represents capitalism. He needs the audience for taking his part and enjoy his watch of how bad capitalism and McCarthyism is usually.

When Proctor arrives, this individual immediately can be disbelieving from the witchcraft rumours. The other characters esteem and admire him, Putnam hates him, Abigail is love with him as well as the other ladies fear him, but at the same time are in awe of him. In spite of Proctors a large number of flaws he draws admiration from all others in the community, even people who dont like him, such as Putnam and Parris. Proctor and Putnam dont get along because Proctor believes Putnam is trying to wrongfully state his and other peoples area. Proctor says to Putnam, This culture will not be a bag to swing around your head.

This kind of shows even though Proctor dislikes Putnam he does therefore for the right causes, he believes Putnam is definitely taking through the society of Salem and Proctor is protecting the interests of the other villagers, and he is as well showing his honest part. On the other hand, Proctor challenges and breaks the rules by focusing on Sundays, which is offensive to the additional villagers, particularly the more religious of the community. Proctor as well dislikes Reverend Parris besides making his emotions clear, I see no mild of our god in that guy. Again, Proctor may be performing the wrong factor by not attending chapel and criticising the minister, but this individual has solid beliefs and he stands by these people, and he refuses to imagine what this individual cant observe, first, that Parris is a great, holy person, and later in the play, that people in the community are practising witchcraft. Nevertheless, most of his motives are good, and with all of his actions, he can trying to do the right thing by everyone.

Proctors most detrimental sin was his adulterous affair with 17 yr old Abigail Williams. Not only do he awaken her libido, he uncovered her for the pretence and hypocrisy in Salem. As well he betrayed his partner, Although this individual did concede, he will hardly ever be able to forgive himself, and this tears him apart. Solid well highly regarded characters including the Nurses and Coreys have got a great deal of value and popularity of Proctor, signifying that he or she must be a good man to obtain their respect, but Proctor no longer offers any personal respect. Proctor is one of the just adults in Salem if she is not caught up the lies and deceit from the girls.

This is partly because of his levelheaded nature, but also as a result of his cynicism towards Abigail, as he knows her as well well to trust what she’s saying. This individual stays good and does his utmost to dispel the rumours. Proctors affair with Abigail leaves her yearning for him, I try to find the Ruben Proctor that took me by my sleep and put expertise in my cardiovascular. She is a young girl who have lost her first appreciate and will head to any plans to acquire him back again. John Proctor is a person living in a conformist world, which is undoubtedly going to cause problems, especially in a strict theocracy, like Salem. This is because this individual doesnt want to be told what to do and is not afraid of talking his mind, even if there are consequences to get him.

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