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Research from Other (ofcourse not listed above):

Eilperin, J. Dennis, B. (2017). Trump supervision to say yes to final allow for Dakota Access canal. Washington Post. Feb six, 2017. Gathered online:

Although not a scholarly source or a principal source, this post in the Washington Post straight addresses the core politics concerns relevant to the suggested Dakota Gain access to pipeline. This article includes a map showing what lands the pipeline could traverse, plus the author tackles the area use and land access concerns simply by Native American stakeholders. Since it talks about the core politics, social, and economic problems, this article will provide as a current events resource when growing my disagreement related to energy pipelines and globalization.

Ericson, R. Elizabeth. (2013). Cross Natural Gas Pipelines: The Politics Economy of Network Interdependence. Eurasian Location and Economics, 50: one particular, 28-57

This is a educational article that places strength pipelines right into a global financial context. My own research will show how energy pipelines can be seen and analyzed as equally a sociological issue and a sociological problem, mainly because they raise key concerns linked to electric power, human legal rights, politics, and economics. When i may concentrate on the Dakota Access and other North American pipelines, it is crucial to demonstrate how the most important energy pipelines perform traverse international borders and how these travel networks raise important concerns related to national security yet also towards the politics and economics of globalization. Pipelines are almost a symbol of the positive effect and the interdependence between international locations, but energy transport may also draw awareness of imbalances of wealth and power globally.

Gravelle, To. B. Lachapelle, E. (2015). Politics, closeness and the pipe: Mapping community attitudes toward Keystone XL. Energy Plan 83(2015): 99-108.

One of the most good energy pipeline proposals in North America can be Keystone XL, which would transport bitumen harvested in Alberta Canada to refineries in Arizona. This vast project presents serious system, safety, and financial concerns, and also raises questions regarding the environmental and social effects of such a very long pipeline. This scholarly article draws on Pew Research Middle surveys about American perceptions towards the Keystone XL suggested project. Inquiries are related to general support or lack thereof, role of political affiliations and related political issues on support for the pipeline job. The link between political ideology and behaviour towards strength pipelines is the central focus of this kind of research, which can be unique for the reason that regard.

Loder, T. (2016). Reflections upon activist sixth is v. industry education conferences in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale. Practicing Anthropology 38(3). Recovered online:’s_Bakken_Shale/links/579d61a608ae6a2882f2eb57.pdf

This is a scholarly evaluation of hydraulic fracking that, which usually slightly away topic, gives nuance to my discussion on the part that energy pipelines play in the globalization issue, and how energy pipelines increase important inquiries related to environmental and cultural justice. The content is about hydraulic fracing in North Dakota, part of an overall energy portfolio. It also approaches the vitality and environmental issues coming from an anthropological perspective, that is why this article helps place my personal research to a broader circumstance.

Nichol, J. (2002). Central Asia’s New States: Personal Developments and Implications pertaining to U. S i9000. Interests. Congressional Report. Retrieved online:

This is an initial source document, a congressional report about energy pipelines in Central Asia and the impact on American foreign coverage. The newspaper provides famous background on the issue and on the geographic area in general, as well as speaking about the politics realities in Central Asia

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