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The Heurter in the Rye

The book Catcher inside the Rye is known as a story of Holden Caulfields thoughts regarding

life and the world about him. Holden tells many of his views about

people and usually takes the reader on a 5-day trip into his mind. Holden

throughout the publication, made others feel poor to his own. I can

relate to this because though I do not view persons inferior in my opinion, I

evaluate others unequally. Holden and i also both have similar judgements of

people through the way they act and behave. All of us also talk about feelings about

motivation and also lack of that. After reading this article book, We came to the

conclusion that Holden and I are much even more similar than I in the beginning


Holden portrayed others to be poor to his own kind all through

the publication. He made several references concerning how persons arent since perfect as

he was. The reason Stradlater fixed him self up to look nice was

because he was crazily in love with him self. Holden had a

difficults with no being good. He was afraid of devoid of any unique talents or

abilities and and do other thi8ngs to make him self look challenging.

Boy, I actually sat in which goddam pub till around one oclock or so, getting drunk

as a bastard. I really could hardly see straight. Holden tried all he

can to try to be cool having been faking it really to fit in. He consumed, cursed and criticized lifestyle l for making it

seem he was like he knew of his habits. I actually myself have got found me doing this

sometimes, also. My spouse and i, at times, feel the need to fit in to a group is to do

things comparable to what other folks do to be accepted by others, yet I do have my constraints. I

used to smoke a cigarratte once by myself cause I saw everybody carrying out that thus i was like i want to see how it is, I tried it and

it couldnt grow on me nevertheless that was only once. Holden and I equally

put people on amounts higher and lower besides our own to get amount expertise and

and characteristic

Holden used the term phonies to explain more than a few persons in

this guide. He utilized the term to get what a person is if they will dont act

themselfs and follow other peoples ways. Holden didnt like

phonies, he thought of them as if they were planning to show off. This individual didnt

enjoy it when they displayed because it seemed fake and unnatural just about every

time they might act like that..

At the end with the first action we sought out with all

the other jackasses for a cigarette. What a package that

was. You under no circumstances saw a lot of phonies in all your life

every person smoking their very own ears off and discussing

the enjoy so that everyone could hear how sharp they

had been.

I understand many people like this and I really dont pay them attention, I just be sure to let them make a

fool of themselves and i also try to perform like my self as much as possible. I

have many close friends who speak using vocabulary that they wouldnt normally work with just to make an effort to impress

you, and others who make note of all things they see to show you how

observant they are really. People try this when they include a fear of their own

individuality and think that they need to acy different to obtain people to

just like them. Myself, personally My spouse and i dont just like seeing someone acting in different ways from themselves

cause I belive everyboddy can be cool, just find it in them.

Throughout the book Holden displays an absence of motivation for many

things through which he have to do and like myself I acknowledge that, but Im or her tool lazy to take this in to consideration.

Holden couldnt also call up a classic

girlfriend which he realized a long time ago.

Nevertheless I got inside this mobile phone booth, I actually

wasnt much in the feelings any more to provide old

Her a excitement.

Holden also a new problem obtaining his inspiration together in order to

finish schoolwork and achieve his prepare school. I use similar problems

with my motivation and find at times I must maintain the mood to do a thing

in order for me personally to accomplish it. This comes from our encounter in the

past being that we can make through existence, or the part weve been through

already, with minimal hard work. Holden has received this chance to notice

this as his parents have been completely shuffling him around in order to schools

whenever he flunks. He seems his parents will be there to move him

somewhere else and handle him each and every time something goes wrong. I

. I actually find my own forgetting

to do things and having my parents doing these people for me ruined me, right now I just perform what I can and but do not worry bout the others which is awful. I locate I was

basically did things I used to be suppose for taking care off. This is an undesirable habit

even though and I are trying to get out of this lifestyle because I realize I

wont always have someone to fall back on and at some point its likely to backfire.

Holden Caulfield and I are incredibly similar in many ways. We tend to judge

different people comparable ways. We both dislike individuals that act artificial

because of their must be cool. We also equally lack determination because of

childhood encounters which have manufactured us who we are. To conclude me Holden Caulfield

in many ways as well yet several.

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