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Groundwork and analyze tips

1 ) 1 Abstract

RECORD Method is complete college management software that effectively performs record and profiles administration. This record software includes a module dedicated to management of student’s documents which makes it valuable profile management software. This account management system reflects master info of personal data of the students. The record management software is usually waded with resource potential and availability so that all the details can be used to optimize resources and generate timetables. The record management software shops all stationary information in a central depository doing away with manual data management, redundancy and duplication.

Make use of record management system for easy documents and users management and realize additional benefits of this powerful records management system.

1 . 2 Difficulty Definition

In today’s modern age in which computer has become a way of life, it is evident which a majority of the country’s corporations still do not really adapt the high technology. Particularly in many schools, daily schools ventures are still completed on paper. Everybody knows that school are now functioning at an excellent pace striving to function as many students as possible together with the best of all their abilities, but since the years thrown, the number of pupils has grown that the manual way of managing pupils record and payments has ceased to be practical.

In this examine, we hope to formulate a web-affiliated application which will minimize every paper works and manual documents keeping, for that reason allowing suceder ease in keeping paths of learners, reducing students waiting as well as increasing the amount of students served ” a system that is completely automated, user friendly, time effective and effecient.

1 . several Objective from the Study

To generate a functional enrollment system that will allow users to transmit forms including the registration, payment and enrollment forms in the comforts with the in house facility and also allow the administrators to keep track and maintain advice about the data that was obtained from the posted forms. To identify the purpose of the device and to any system that may be efficient and reliable to both administrators’ and users.

1 . 5 Terms of Reference

2. Monitoring

* Documenting

* Keeping

* How much the balance

1 ) 5 Range and Limitation

1 . five. 1Scope

The system includes a electronic registration and enrollment. That allows users to fill out the form and submit. It allows the administrator area to access information. It might severely decrease the amount of duplicate hard work required for enrollment students. In addition, it allows users to view if their info has been handed.

1 . 5. 2 Limitation

The design suggested system will be limited about the analysis of new or perhaps transferee college students. System design and style will not be capable to give a real examination or evaluation in the requirements and credential of a new college student. These processes will remain manual done by the directress but the result from it will be the suggestions for the proposed program. In case of payments of students, proposed program design is only going to be limited on examining if the pupil was paid or not.

It was certainly not design to deliver any email, SMS or reminders regarding unpaid university fees of the students. The cashier will print the summary of college students with unpaid account and sent them to the individual adviser. Settings of repayment are also set. In the sense that money was involved in transactions of repayments of learners, design program proposal would only agree to data and actually the money on its own. There will be zero devices used or manufactured in design proposal that can acknowledge money from the student like a payment

Section II


2 . 1 Organization Profile

The year was 2010 if the idea of a Technical College came about inside the mind of Founder Engr. Jim Montemayor. The primary objective is to give quality Education for the less fortunate kinds and in the process to help those who are in require with the birth of share a blessing Base. The starting year with the school went through many obstacles like any different with only 27 pupils on it is 1st year offering. The starting yr of the school went to a lot of obstacles which were only viewed by the owner as issues. Fuelled by the desire to help others happily good quality education to the youngsters.

The second yr turned out to be an enormous growth in student human population with a technique to date. This kind of gave minds to the computer system laboratory, the HRS space that will provide further competitive edge towards the students through handwork, perseverance and team-work the school at this point getting to end up being known as among the best heard university. Located in the Alvendia St Poblacion Floridablanca Pampanga “IS or Foreign School of Technology and Skills Creation is experiencing a great deal of success and it’s only the beginning.

installment payments on your 2Cost and Benefits Examination

Laptop-P20, 500

Desktop-P30, 000

Broadband Load-P1, 000

Foods-P4, 000

Transportation-P1, 000

Other expenses-P3, 000



5. Methods of exploration

5. Interview

* About site observation

* Questionaries

* On-line or manual references



The proponents have well prepared an interview for the registrar. The interview offered as the basis for the creation of the function with the system. The proponents planned to gather enough information and expertise in building and creating good sources and well-organized facade or perhaps interface. Every relevant information has been accumulated, the research workers decide to gather the software and resources necessary to build the program. The research workers settled to use Visual Basic6. 0 and Structured Question Language.



All function features of the device chosen for analysis are described on their own in any laptop platform. Now the group proceed to design and style the system on how the user as well as the developer, develop understanding about how the system will certainly operate. Also designing the terms and reports and a few databases needed and in this stage we finalize the program and components design.



The study was begun in examining the problems about the enrollment approach to International University of Technology and Expertise Development. With the aid of interviews, researches, surveys and keen findings, proponents discover problems such as student info redundancy and manual calculations that will cause errors in data.. This may cause erroneous information towards the existing IS enrollment system. All of these danger is the effects of manual enrollment system of IS.

These problems are the fundamental cause, pertaining to the proponents to design digital enrollment system. With the help of necessary requirements of IS enrollment system, supporters formulate three main operations that need development. The following are enrollment and verification of pupil in archivar department,. By way of diagrams including DFD and Flowchart with theories just like Iterative Setup and Descriptive Research Study, the enrollment program will blend in comparative processes.


After all the studies, research and statement, the proponents therefore deduce that the Intercontinental School (I. S) has difficulties on the enrollment program particularly in management of students data and their payments. Different complications such as redundancy and mistakes in details of the students, not up-to-date reports published to directress and frustrating enrollment actions was fixed through developing computerized registration record program.

On the other hand, supporters accept the life span of being something analyst. That they adopt the stages in making study with the use of interviews, studies, surveys and even observations. Fortunately they are use info flow picture, flow chart and other graphic method of research in offering the circulation of the program proposed. First and foremost, proponents might be a beneficiary with this study given that they analyze a manual registration system and make it an electronic one.


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