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Enrollment procedure is a must in every school. Through this, scholar will have a connection between them plus the institution alone. In this method, students likewise part to wonder as well as to expect imagine if feels like to become in the organization they are going to register. This study discusses those expectations and perceptions of the students with regards to in the enrollment process in Technological Start of the Philippines Quezon Town.

The Technical Institute of the Philippines Quezon City students have always perceived the success of the enrollment based upon the amount of period that they have spent on the enrollment process.

Nevertheless the students and oldsters already plan for the worst every time and they already assume that the process will be slow. The complaints are present and it makes the slowness of the procedure more gruesome.

Through this kind of study, the whole enrollment process should be manufactured bearable. Every part and step of this will be analyzed to find the best remedy that will result in the improvement and betterment in the enrollment process.

At Technological Institute from the Philippines Quezon City, you will find thousand college students taking a few years level. The citizenry of college students in pointed out school are continued to grow which means also that an increase of documents are handled by the Guidance Councilor. Clearly manual system of enrollment and student record keeping are too enough time consuming job.

Computer can be viewed as as another tool for expanding system like enrollment in each and every school. This may be a great aid to those pupils, teachers and school who also are managing many process from offering easier and faster get.

The present approach to Technological Start of the Philippines Quezon Town is done physically such as enrollment system. Form the time it absolutely was started to work, they use the manual program. Even nowadays, that they have computers, still right now there also a turmoil using that during enrollment.

Technological Company of the Philippines Quezon Metropolis is a private school which is located for Quezon Metropolis. And this college was began established in the year 1962. And it was discovered by Professional Demetrio A. Quirino Jr., One of the famous people in Technical Institute with the Philippines Quezon City in those days. Like some school Technological Institute of the Israel Quezon Metropolis is enhancing the enrollment system but nonetheless that is not practical for others.

Statement of the Issue

The present enrollment system of Technical Institute of the Philippines is performed manually. By hand system of enrollment caused a lot inaccuracy and efficiency in processing the record and data from the students. Too much time and effort happen to be consumed and cannot offer on time. The researcher desired to answer the following question:

1 ) What are the perceptions of students with regards to school’s registration system? 2 . What are the factors that contribute to the perceptions of ideas if the learners that the school enrollment program affect all of them? 3. Exactly what the factors that could be an advantage and/or drawback to the factors that are uses in the enrollment system?

Value of the Research

The personal computers provide ease to the user through the easier and faster method of transactions. Populace of college students in almost all-educational organization is quickly increasing so great demand in teaching power is also turning out to be higher. Fortunately, today’s technology of high technology machine and tools can replacement these workers. This offer “The Understanding of College students in Enrollment system in Technological Start of the Thailand Quezon City” will provide a top technology way of retrieving and managing scholar’s data so that the enrollment procedure become hassle-free especially for the students and oldsters. The study is a great help to the following:

Facilitators. This examine will help them to process data and keep the grades of students can be a fastest and accurate method. It will help to hold and manage essential information of the student for the ease of the college students and the workers assign to enrollment in the education establishment.

Students. The scholars can easily access and retrieval information with regards to with the means of enrollment your energy, time, that help to minimize the time and effort and period they put in, Technological Institute of the Thailand Quezon City. It provides simple fast strategy in registration and enrollment.

Parents. They do not complain and they’re not lost to go along with their children during enrollment.

Future Research workers. The recommended study is going to benefits that help the future researchers as their guideline. This examine can also available in advancement this research.


There is no relevance in the improvement of the online registration since related to the advance of the enrollment system.

Range and Delimitations

The study will be limited only to the boundaries of “The understanding of the College students in Registration System in Technological Company of the Israel Quezon City”.

The researcher targeted in getting relevant about the issues in enrollment system comes with students and parents who stressing in the manual system that being used from the school.

Searching concerning this has capacity to be quickly processed and just how it can be fixed in the next registration process.

The study addresses the problem of obtaining a gradual process that caused a dispute among students/parents and administrator

Chapter II


The phase estates the various literature and studies that have been conducted to get the research to achieve familiarity which have been relevant and similar to the present study.

Report on Related Literature (Foreign)

According to Rowley (2005), an registration system is casically included in among the classification details system, as a result it acts a tool to back up information administration with regards to the student data, enrollment fees information and other which has a connection to the enrollment method. Every college gain competitive advantage of having this system for they will have ability on controlling important information relaxed and with security.

Taking on this theory of Mchenry (2010), WAMP5 (WAMP Means Windows Indien Mysql PHP) is a platform of Web design under house windows. It allows you to develop energetic websites with Apache storage space, PHP5 program language, plus the database of MySQL produced 5. Additionally, it possesses PHPMyAdmin and SQLite manager to control more easily your databases. Home window 7 is an operating system manufactured by Microsoft for use on computers, including house and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, and media center setup PCs. Windows 7 succeeded by Windows 8. This really is known as iterative implementations covers the breakdown of overall functionality with the system into a what this individual called feature set and others feature models represents distinct process require in enrollment system. It helps locate uses an enrollment program will have as that this kind of systems truly does many actions and techniques.

According to Dunn and Scott (2005), enrollment program has made huge impact in the school arena. It is a program that is created on innovative program approaches. It is a system that will help both enrollment personnel-in-charge and the pupils to easily method the enrollment at a lesser time. Specific from the classic enrollment, LAN enrollment system process huge assortment of trainees records and supplies efficient and consistent information services.

Mentioned previously by Sherlock holmes (2006), at present, Web-based applications are trusted due to their ubiquity. Web-based registration system is currently emerging about markets for they are offering transaction convenience and service efficiency through the use of internet. This system turns into a powerful application in dealing with information management regarding enrollment orders. Stair (1999), emphasized which the development of technology through the years include enabled us to do even more with significantly less effort. Through the orientation with the light bulb for the industrial revolution and over and above, we have continually tried to towards a more efficient means of doing responsibilities. Lewis (2002), stated that the reason for applying computers range from person to person. A number of the computers running a business are to execute accuracy, to be as production, to decrease bottle of wine necks or perhaps hassles to alter cash goes or to modestos elevate your status.

Sybex Incorporation (1999), stated that visible basic provide a graphical environment in which the users usually designed the varieties and control that become the building block of tour app. Visual Simple support various useful tools that will help the person more productivity. Gold Chager et al (2003), declared computer as being a device pertaining to processing data knew computer system plays a substantial role inside their lives, nevertheless few are mindful of just how pervasive role is. Mane (2000), mentioned the fact that creation in the computer made the easier to perform that getting into it physically, to have the immediate access on uncomplicated answer simply monitoring record where in the needs of computer generate possible for everyone to get data within a particular will need. We can consider that the pc is necessary as well as productive tool for individual. Gurewich (1999), mentioned that the databases system makes the work more quickly for every establishment. For the mere reality instead of carrying out things manually, with the use of software everything is performed fasters.

Related Literature (Local)

According to Aquino (2005), importance of laptop application is increasing everyday. Schools use information system in the way of implementing an enrollment system. This results to enable them to attract enrollees and generate income. Enrollees happen to be attracted due to said system makes the transaction faster and easier.

“Lack of registration system in schools can result in chaos and troubles” as stated by Expert Adrian (2011), students will probably be confused upon what they must do to be able to sign up that is why such system is incredibly useful in that it gives an ease about working on enrollment processes. Enrollment is very useful in retrieving essential information from the students. Devoid of it will business lead difficulty equally for supervision of the college and students in registration processes.

The transformation of manual enrollment transaction to automated and today into a web based information is usually one example of what provides driven partly by the quick technological innovation. In whatever way just to help to make work simpler and quicker like enrollment transactions is possible with the beginning of pc technologies. A web-based registration system features featured that meet almost all of academic establishments system’s demands and requirements. This includes standardized modules to get student subscription, enrollment, quality management, and other modules that are deemed important to operate a school (Bacala&Reanno, 2009).

Fronda (2011), said that the enrollment method is useful in particular when the school retrieves the important data from the scholar. The school can easily trace precisely what is the standing up of the learners. Lack of Enrollment system in a school can result in chaos and troubles. College students will be puzzled on what they should do to be able to enroll. It is very useful in the school in the way of functioning processes of enrolling turn into much easy. Tinn (2001), stated that the computerization responded to the call any office or any place of work to help their daily operation.

Malolos ain. al (2002), stated the fact that study of automation is important in the sense period that reduces the time and effort normally exerted in manual method.  Janes (2001), stated that computers are incredibly reliable system and very strong calculators which includes great accessories applications just like word control problem for every business activities, regardless of size, computers possess three advantages over different type of workplace equipment that process data because computer are quicker, more accurate more economical.

Reyes (2005), task will be time consuming to achieve manually and even more practical with computers field in cabinet.  According to Flores (2002), the software is defined simply since the replacement of machine control of human.  Dioso (2001), stated that computer support careful clever planning, organizing, actuating and controlling. This maybe seen from the previous that they keep an eye on production activities, solve technological problem and help arrive in sensitive answer to several involve conditions. Related Research (Foreign)

South California Community College Very long Beach City College went live with a Cognos-based management that was designed by Irvin, CA-based professional services company e2e Analytics. Prior to setting up the new program, LBCC, containing two primary campuses and multiple geostationary satellites that support nine colleges and thirty four departments, taken care of its enrollment via manual spread linens. With no reporting, continuity, or standard methods, and with lengthy mistake corrections, the school’s registration management budgeting and organizing took up to 3 months to compile, combine and apply (Koft 2007). The study in problems regarding on institution such as the Long Beach Town College is usually an aid intended for the advocates to have the thought on making solutions upon transferring manual enrollment orders to an automated or electronic one.

Based on the coordinator of Admission support of Kerian Greenaway, the system known as the Edith Cowan School Web Enrollment System (ECUWES) had replaced the traditional hard form system of enrollment. The system provides immediacy and convenience of training course enrollment over the internet. The stated university in Australia is currently signing up more than five, 000 fresh students with easier ventures cause of their very own online enrollment system. In the local setting, educational institutions the private and government colleges are shifting from manual to electronic system which includes student enrollment. This is completed either on an intranet or perhaps internet-based environment.

The desire to overcome these challenges and troubles has led the acceptance of advanced technology. It includes Local Area Network of computer systems, CD ROM and powerful processor. These solutions led to the introduction of information sources that provides basic prompt retrieval of information through networking. In Local Area Network Enrollment Program (LANES), the issues on admission and evaluation of academic records, subject booking, assessment and payment of fees and issuance of sophistication cards happen to be besieged. Similarly, searching of records is effective due to its key key that is certainly being used in retrieval of records. A Local Area Network Enrollment Program (LANES) can be described as broad system. It is mix of different function areas such as databases, looking, retrieval, and update of pupil records, examining of present student’s scheduled, computation of costs (Dzubeck 2003).

Earlier, Encila (1999) Launched the Enrollment System pertaining to the computer Research Department of LCBA and traders, designed of enrollment System is advantageous to the school since it speed up the process and with only the very least amount of power and resources.

Palpitate (2001) produced a program applying database III which in a position of locating, access in manipulating of data in easy way. A computerized program to minimized the dropped of record and responsibility of work was designed by Pajarillo in 2002.

Aravia ou. al. (2002) Show the developing importance of computers in the world. The significance with the study revolves the motorisation of student permanent record keeping.  Alcaira (1999) Mentioned that the using of computer are continue to grow, the need for a more on time information and data processing comes on demand keeping the record of virtually any manual operations need the application, because controlling it physically will only become conflicting.

Related Studies (Local)

Based on the researcher, a web-based enrolment system for Veritas Parochial School (VPS) in Manila was developed to aid its pupils enroll in a more efficient way without the problems of waiting around long hours in filling out varieties, which occasionally become repetitive, or to wait in line and pay at the cashier. It is with the Web-based registration system intended for VPS that new style of enrolment could possibly be achieved. This new type of system offers its students new options to get enrolling for VPS. By simply logging on to the VPS site, one can enroll and register subjects for school 12 months. With these types of, all the learners are required to submit certain varieties that do not take more than a few mins to accomplish. The machine stores the records inside the school database for upcoming references. Affirmation of the deal made by learners need to be tested, the payment of the expenses fees has to be made by the school’s signup. The students could also browse the internet site of VPS and they can check his current account.

They can also refer to the list in the school current tuition fee costs (Pascual and Riceo, 2008). According to the job study in 2005 by Mr. Lopez, an enrolment system support and provide useful and trustworthy services for the students, enrolment personnel and administration. Moreover, this system superior the process of enrolment in terms of searching, retrieving and subject plans. An online Enrolment System was proposed to switch the manual enrolment approach to Cavite Maritime Institute to be able to advance a great organized circulation of purchase and an ease of job concerned on how the manual enrolment works throughout the institutions operations. The numerous transactions the manual system covers, just like updating and adding pupils records, creating the guidance and examination slips, and the like considering the manual operating system being inefficient to get the need of the institution. Since the study requires proper record handling, tracing the limitations and evaluation of the manual system issential (Bacala and Reano, 2009).

The registration process is definitely the initial level in gathering bon fide and accurate student information neccesary to determine student long term records. A registration and billing product is needed by institution to deal with the mentioned situation. The analysis has been made to help accumulate fast and deliver accurate information (Calabozo&Fernandez, 2006). Inside the study conducted by Cayabyab (2007), various problems and difficulties had been identified inside the wxiusting system in Dagupan City Nationwide High School (DCNHS). These key concerns happen to be affecting the efficient enrolment system of students. Security in the students records were identified to be at high risk. The present system may well fail to protect some important documents. It has also untimely in addition to efficient record generation. A computerized system for DCNHS shall result to a significant increase in the number of enrollees.

Conde (2007) in his examine entitled “Network-bases Enrollment Approach to Paete Countrywide High School cited that the manual process of enrollment and manual handling info and reports of the pupils is very repetitious one. The proponents created a network based program enrollment program to the explained school to fix the huge amount of task. Garcia (2002) created the “LSPC Enrollment System”, the study can be a great aid to persons worried during the registration period, the registrar, trainer of the learners as they retrieval necessary info when needed and lessen the responsibility manually surfing over registration slip pertaining to record uses Saayo ainsi que. al (2008) developed the machine “Network primarily based automated Enrollment and grading system to get Morong Countrywide High School.

Because of increasing human population of the establishment, and the college currently applying the manual system, every single student consumes a lot of time during enrollment period, such as having to pay their expenses fees and processing the college requirements. Valina et. ing (2009) titled “Network-based scholar Permanent Record keeping and Enrollment Approach to Balian National High School”. This System was made to lessen the time and effort exerted by simply both pupil and university employees. It is additionally made to provide accurate information and keep records of every pupils every college students and for simple fast method of enrollment.

Soria et. approach. (2006) constructed a system titled “Network-based Digital inventory System for the supply office to the LSPC main grounds. With the progression of technology, devices and machines were improve, produced and upside down to cope plan the need of new world. There are several systems suitable for reliable, effective and very helpful to the user.

Conceptual Framework

The analysis is all about the perception of students inside the enrollment system in Scientific Institute of the Philippines, QC. It includes details can get once enrolled, distinct equipment that will make enrollment more effective among pupils, the advancements, process and importance of enrollment. The study likewise covers the several experience of student when enrolling in Technological Commence of the Philippines whether they reduce their endurance or receive satisfied within the enrollment program.

Research Paradigm

Figure 1 .

The Conceptual paradigm of Perception with the Students in Enrollment System of Technological Start of the Philippines.

Definition of Terms

These terminologies were accumulated by the specialist for better and sharper understanding about the study.

Client. Does not share any of its resources that request a server’s content material or service function. Laptop. Machine in a position of the following a instruction to vary data, programmable electronic device that could perform calculations and control information. Repository. Is a container to store the tables in. Enrollment. This can be a process in which a student will be admitted towards the institution. This can include the listing of details or data about trainees and subject he/she will probably be enrolled. Details. Knowledge offered or received of a few fact or perhaps circumstances. Software. An algorithm a computer may both stick to directly and follow the converted version.

Hardware. A computer on a local area that is running software for handling access to all or part of the network and its resources and stocks its solutions with client. System. This can be a group of related components coming together toward one common goal simply by accepting suggestions and making output in an organized modification process. Software program. It is a system utility or application plan expressed in complete understandable language. End user. The person whom uses a computer system for phrase processing, communications, and other application. User–Friendly. A plan easy to use although an individual is not proficient in the system.

Phase III


This Chapter presents the research design and style, the participants of the research, the research musical instruments, the data gathering procedure plus the statistical treatment of data.

Exploration Design

This study applied the study approach of research, especially the detailed method. Descriptive method is the assertion of attributes or perhaps conditions particular to the population. It employed the said approach in as the primary purpose of this kind of research was going to determine the perception in the student towards enrollment program in Scientific Institute with the Philippines Quezon City.

Research Locale

The Technological Commence of the Israel (TIP) is actually a private, non-sectarian higher education organization. TIP Quezon City was awarded Independent Status, the highest possible award to get a higher education company, and TIP Manila was granted Deregulated Status by Commission about Higher Education (CHED). In addition , TIP has also gained numerous countrywide and worldwide accreditations and quality recognition.

Figure installment payments on your

Area map of Technological Commence of the Korea

Sampling Approach

The research examine used the purposive sample technique. There are 30 students in Scientific Institute from the Philippines asked to level the productivity of the services rendered by the functions of the PTA workplace. Purposive sampling, also known as judgmental, selective or perhaps subjective testing, is a sort of non-probability testing technique. Non-probability sampling is targeted on sampling methods where the models that are looked into are based on the judgement with the researcher: Non-probability sampling for more information about non-probability testing, and Sampling: The basics, for an introduction to terms including units, cases and sampling]. There are a number of various types of purposive testing, each based on a goals. This post explains (a) what calculated sampling is, (b) the eight with the different types of purposive sampling, (c) how to build a purposive test, and (d) the extensive advantages and disadvantages of purposive testing.

Research Instruments

The data events used in this kind of study had been the following: 1 ) Questionnaires Tips Form. This instrument was constructed by the researchers to establish the socio-demographic profile with the student respondents. The tool determined, and others, the gender, civil position and educational backdrop of the participants. The different elements affecting the efficiency of services made by the PTA are also being listed to determine which usually function works better as identified by the participants especially the pupils. 2 . Survey Questionnaires for individuals. This tool was used to determine the management style and how this affects to the people working in that school and a separate customer survey of the college students to determine the performance of the services rendered simply by Technological Institute of the Korea.

Data Gathering Procedures

Study questionnaires were prepared and forwarded towards the student participants. The participants were asked to price their perception about the enrollment system in Technical Institute with the Philippines Quezon city (TIP QC) to ascertain how successful and if the respondents had been satisfied by services given by the TIP QC during the enrollment process


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