epidemiology and the epidemiology of epidemiology

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Introduction As a population it is extremely important for all of us to be aware of the diseases which can be contagious to us. By having this opportunity to write a daily news about epidemiology I will be capable of do even more research about epidemiology, so I can increase my personal knowledge about that and also manage to provide correct information for the reader. With this essay Let me write about epidemiology by conveying what is epidemiology, how would it be impact nursing care, talk about the work of several specialist such as David Snow, Ronald Ross, Janet-Claypon, Alexander Fleming, Frank Fenner by conveying their job, and their current impact on breastfeeding, and discuss some of the areas that has been influenced with epidemiology in our world. What is Epidemiology? To begin with, based on the Center to get Disease Control and Prevention, epidemiology is a study of patterns, beginnings, cause and effects which might be in relation to problems or disease. Epidemiology can be described as category of public health, and the examine which provides record evidence to find preventative actions for conditions.

There are numerous factors which have been studied within epidemiology which is the time of occurrence, the place of the disease, and the market that is being affected. Three major epidemiologic techniques are descriptive, analytic, and fresh. Since all those three techniques can be used in the inquiry of diseases living, the method that they can used the most is the one that is far more important (Center for Disease, 2015). The researchers and their work In addition, there are a lot of methods we understand epidemiology. Most of the times when it occurs in our areas we keep in mind it happened, we regularly go online to analyze about it or perhaps watch good news so..

is very important for Healthcare professionals to educate the city about the proper way to deal with the case when an epidemic occur (Transmission dynamics and, 2015). Conclusion Finally, epidemiologic is one of the things that should by no means occur in any area because when it took place, it ruined too much people lives. That is certainly one of the reasons so why we should be pleased that we have a magnificent health care program in the United States, although, not all people can afford it but by least if you have an outbreak, there is enough amount of nurses and supplies to aid the nations around the world get through it. For instance, one which happened in Haiti I believe if the Haitians populations a new better medical care system it would not have distributed the way that did. I think that there should be a system in order to avoid this via happened since life is quite short for us to shed our lives that way.

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