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Please be aware that this Assessment document offers 11 pages and is consisting of 5 Parts.


Portion 1: Living in a diverse world

1 . What is meant simply by diversity?

The word diverse means different and varied. Diversity recognises that though people have things in keeping with each other, also, they are different and unique in many ways.

2 . Illustrate the community you live in. Highlight some of the variations you may see in terms of: Passions


Age ranges

Standards of living

Personal, social and cultural details.

In my community it has a superb diversity of folks. There are some retired

and young people, a great ex-vicar, my own neighbours are Indians and I also have Italian language, Spanish and Polish people on my streets. Some people are single, others married, and some have children. There is also a homosexual couple on my street. Various people in the street have kids. There is a religious church, a Christian chapel and a Kingdom of Jehovah’s witnesses. There are also many regional restaurants supplying a huge selection of cuisine

In some short paragraphs I have shown the variants in age group, beliefs, interests, national source, marital status, sexual alignment and religion

3. Make clear how the versions in question a couple of contribute to the variety of the community.

The different versions in question two show us that my community is different having each person and it can bring about for a better community as it brings:

A comprehensive portfolio of experiences and opportunities for the whole community. Everyone the opportunity to discover religions apart from their own. Meals from across the globe allows everybody in the community to have a small sample of different civilizations. People the opportunity to experience various things outside of what exactly they are normally familiar with.

4. Offer some examples to describe how variety:

Boosts your life

Enhances the neighborhood

Increases this country.

The example of how diversity enhances my life is the fact it shows me to become more understanding and I can learn how to stay in society with so many different people.

Diversity improve the local community simply by encourage friendships and human relationships over shared or new interests. As a result of differences it brings to the community a number of different hobbies.

Diversity improves this country by simply bringing a huge number of different services and products for people, the chance to to learn about different ethnicities.

5. Explain what it means to respect someones differences and why it is crucial to respect differences.

Value people’s dissimilarities is at the time you recognising that another person differs and don’t act unpleasantly or illegally when you recognize that the person has a directly to be different.

Value people’s distinctions is important while people are better able to live their particular lives peacefully when respecting each others differences. By simply tolerating others, you generate an environment in which others are usually encouraged to accept you so that you are.

Once you have accomplished this Part of your Evaluation, save the task you have succeeded in doing so far ” you will need to give your work on your tutor to get marking once you have completed every five Areas of this Examination.

Part 2: Describing yourself in a diverse society

1 . For a person you know, identify the individual elements that make them who they are.


Identifying factors

Brief description

Physical characteristics

He could be tall and quite slender. He has got an oblong face with bright green eyes. He has short brown frizzy hair. He appears to be in his forties. Emotions

He always appears to be in a good mood, is actually a kind person always trying to help

others. He can funny most of the time he makes people laugh. Likes

He can brilliant with people, very wise person, with an incredible impression of connaissance.


He thinks know-it-all, always past due and some period he can become bossy. Values and philosophy

He is devoted to his as well as a credibility man.

installment payments on your Describe your self in terms of:

Personal passions

I am passionate about travelling and different different languages; I have many different book about languages within my shelf. When possible I like to travel and visit the countries.

Religion as well as culture

I actually am catholic, I enroll in church once a week and when likely I browse the bible in the home.


I actually come from Brazil, because My spouse and i from there I am immerge into the B razil community in Swindon. It is good some particular taste and way that comes from my region as for example: Food, music and even the way I share myself.

3a. Explain precisely what is meant with multiple details.

It means the various identities a person might have, Case: Father, Close friend, Son, Friend, Boss etc .

3b. Provide three good examples in relation to people you know.

Case 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

5. What is meant by shared identity?

a few. Explain and give examples of just how an individual can identify themselves while belonging to many different groups.

6. Describe yourself in terms of the multiple identities.

Once you have accomplished this Element of your Analysis, save the job you have succeeded in doing so far ” you will need to mail your work on your tutor to get marking when you have completed most five Regions of this Examination.

Part 3: Stereotyping and labelling

1a. What is supposed by stereotyping?

1b. What is meant simply by labelling?

installment payments on your Explain how come some people stereotype others.

3. Provide two examples of the damaging effects that stereotyping and labelling can have on persons.

4. Offer at least two types of the way stereotyping is perpetuated in society.

Once you have completed this Element of your Assessment, save the work you have

done so significantly ” you need to send your job to your tutor for tagging when you have completed all five Parts of this Assessment.

Portion 4: Bias and elegance

1 . Define prejudice and discrimination.

2 . Explain just how people may possibly develop bias.

3. Describe the following types of splendour.

Type of elegance


Dual discrimination

Multiple discrimination

Positive discrimination

Splendour arising out of incapacity

Discrimination by association

four. What is meant by the term protected attributes?

5. What is the difference between direct and indirect discrimination? Give two examples to illustrate the point.

6. Describe the consequences that splendour and prejudice can possess on persons.

Once you have finished this Element of your Assessment, save the work you have succeeded in doing so far ” you will need to send your work on your tutor for marking when you have completed most five Regions of this Analysis.

Part your five: Having the same opportunity

1 ) Describe what equal possibilities means with regards to:



Health care


2 . Describe the inequality problems that persist in terms of purchase men and women.

three or more. Describe two other indications of inequality that haven’t recently been covered through this Assessment.

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