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Eriksons Theory

Erik Erikson, Psychoanalytic Theory, Psychosocial Creation, Ego

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Erikson also states which the development of personality continued about the same life pattern, rather than simply during years as a child as Freud has postulated. Finally, Erikson believed that each stage of development got both positive and negative elements.

Erikson’s departure from the Freudian university was not quickly accepted, possibly by individuals who were near him and admired his work. In each of Erikson’s developing stages there may be conflict with bipolar effects, as previously described. In Erikson’s belief, each individual need to experience both equally sides of the conflict in order to combine them into life and synthesize these types of into a level of00 functioning. This kind of differs from Freud’s theory in that every single stage provides a name, instead of relation to enjoyment from a body area (oral, anal, etc . ). According to Erikson, when the conflict is worked through in a constructive manner, this positive knowledge then becomes the more major part of the spirit which then enables the individual to maneuver toward further healthy and positive advancement in later on stages. In the event the individual cannot move past the conflict or the conflict is not resolved in a confident manner, compared to the negative component of the stage will prevent or retard the individual’s creation. This adverse element could possibly be manifested while problems with self-esteem, adjustment, in addition to the most serious cases, may result in significant psychopathology.

Erikson has taken the basics of Freudian theory and expanded beyond basic principles of psychological development inserting emphasis on the social advancement and the advancement the individual over the life pattern. His theories moved away from man like a creature in whose personal development was based upon his existence being a sexual getting to that of the individual as a whole. Erikson was able to note that personality is different from lifestyle to traditions, although it was his hypothesis that developing tasks act like all nationalities. Erikson got the initial psychological basis of Freud’s work and was able to expand upon that, establishing a connection between child years and adult life (Leffert, 2007).

Erikson’s hypothesis showed that folks were not necessarily prisoners of their pre-cognitive creation, but rather adjustable individuals who can use the reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling of bad or skipped opportunities to develop positive effects, no matter what the stage of life.


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