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Analysis from the Sociological Theories The Progeria Research Foundation is usually an organization in order to children that has Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome or perhaps commonly known as progeria. Progeria can be described as rare perilous genetic disease that affects children by speeding up the aging process of their appearance. There is not any cure for this disease plus the average life time of a child with this kind of disorder is definitely fourteen years old. My elderly year an excellent source of school We dedicated my own senior job to this business to raise awareness and help give money towards a cure, and since then I have been a member. Looking at this company from a sociological standpoint I will examine it using thee key sociological ideas which are strength functionalism, issue theory, and symbolic interactionism.

Starting with a macro-level theory, strength functionalism is approximately how a group/individuals work together identifiably to provide social order. Talcott Parson is a founder of the theory, however the theory was also highly influenced simply by Emile Durkheim. Structural functionalism is very interdependence driven. Within the Progeria corporation an example of interdependence would be between your medical researchers and the patients. This relationship is what drives the complete organization. That they both count on each other intended for scientific uses for the researchers as well as for keeping the hope alive intended for the people.

This mix of science and hope creates a efficient environment that manifest peace despite serious situations. Even though the medical researchers and patients are crucial they are certainly not the only elements of the equation. Business representatives, donators, father and mother, and followers are all part of what makes this kind of organization a built-in whole. Almost all.. s.

The three theories structural functionalism, conflict theory, and emblematic interactionism every gives all of us a in depth look of numerous perspectives in the organization. Through structural functionalism the interpersonal cohesion with the organization is usually science and hope. Throughout the specialized roles through out the organization all of them showcase hope and finding a get rid of. Furthermore turmoil theory is the oppression the fact that children experience through legitimations through language and the press, or artwork. Making the kids feel or think that they may be not standard because of their differences leads to the society oppressing them and making them feel less substandard. Lastly emblematic interactionism can be them determine their selves as persons not as the disease.

Socialization of the kids in this institution helps develop their perception of do it yourself, and not develop a role as being a victim.

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