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Theatre nowadays leaves a great effect (effect) factor of people. It is effect is seen not only on the elders of rural and urban areas but on the kids as well. Going to the pictures has now become a fad with young adults, both young boys and girls, and it is often noticed that they often times economize (save) on different items of expenditure but they must see videos every week. This kind of fast developing habit is not just expensive (costly), but as well results in substantial (great) spend of valuable (valuable) period.

Visiting the cinemas too often with the cost of course lectures and by missing lectures also spoils the education of youth. The majority of Indian movies present scenes of love-making, violence (fighting), crime, theft, rape, etc . Education and also other experts include repeatedly (again and again) found the main origin (base) of teasing and assaults (physical attack) about girls inside our towns and cities, available in the market place and elsewhere, is a cinema.

The youth tries to imitate (copy) each and everything which is in the motion pictures without understanding that some component to it might keep a negative impression (thought) about them, and this reflects (shows) inside their dressing design, their driving, their means of talking and so forth The film censors likewise seem to be even more liberal (open-minded) than ever and enable sex and violent views which have an undesirable effect on the mental make-up of children. In the motion pictures today when the daily criminal offenses, murders, robberies are proven some people consider it within a wrong approach and they purposely learn how to devote (do) these kinds of crimes. They learn the methods (action) and tactics (plans) used for offences in the motion pictures.

Also at this point abuses (bad things) are really common in almost all the films that even a child of a decade is able to speak such abusive language knowingly or unconsciously. There are many instances of youngsters either jogging away from home to go to Bombay to try their particular luck in Bollywood. Thousands of young young boys and girls have practically (nearly) messed up (destroy) themselves in the mindless quest (mission) for turning out to be cinema stars.

The attempts of parents and teachers to give their young boys and girls sound education and to train them very good, ethical (moral) behaviour and good probe in order that they can become good residents are thus defeated (failed). The cinema, it is said, is a good channel of education and teaching, and the communication that can be communicated (expressed) through films may not be conveyed because effectively through any other funnel, such as the radio, as a result of colourful and visual effect on the display screen. It is not asserted (challenged) that there should be an overall total ban about films.

Yet steps should certainly (surely) be taken to see that good instructive (useful) films are manufactured, not garbage and ruinous (damaging) sales pitches merely (simply) to provide (supply) to cheap tastes. Knowingly or perhaps unknowingly the films molds (shapes) the youth of today in one approach or the other and a result of cinema upon youth is visible widely. Your youngsters in rural areas are so much affected by the films, that they you can put heroes from the film in a really integrated (internal) part of their minds.

They try to change their lifestyle according to the films, beginning with hairstyle, clothing, dialogues etc. It cannot be said that all the films are corrupting youth. Films in addition have a healthy and knowledgeable effect on the children.

There are movies like BAGHBAN which was a family group film and made us learn a lot. Alternatively, there are films like RANG DE BASANTI, LAGAAN, TAARE ZAMEEN PAR which are an excellent films, offering the youth to learn numerous good things in every area of your life. Films just like NAYAK will be ideal (perfect) lessons pertaining to the political figures of this region.

Films possess inspired young people to overcome (fight) against several sociable evils like untouchability, dowry, etc . But ultimately it’s WE or perhaps the individual, about whom anything depends on what he/she benefits from the films. We should begin to see the films to relish and learn good things and not area bad things affect all of us. Thus, Youth and Cinema is a idea to be believed upon and concerned.

So , watch out for what you discover and everything you gain.

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