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Langston Hughes wrote the poem, “I, Too” in the midst of the Harlem Renaissance, a period of Black American history which will brought to mild unique views of the world throughout the eyes of your people who had been often subjugated and downtrodden. Issues of racial prejudice were widespread during the Harlem Renaissance and segregation a fact of your life. In the poem, “I, Also, ” Barnes brings awareness of this subjugation by representing the life of a black men servant.

This individual puts out his opinions of the treatment other people of his competition have very long had to put up with through the masterful use of meaning, irony and diction.

There are many examples of meaning in the poem, “I, Too”. America can be used as a image to show the principles of equality, diversity, and perseverance. By simply reminding viewers that the nation allowed and condoned segregation of his race, Hughes points out that although this was a form subjugation, it could be overcome.

Even though America was at wrong doing, the country even now provided chances for those who might dare to try harder, to expand stronger, to push past the shame of being marked differently.

America can still keep hope for people of any kind of race. As well, the use of the expression “I” in both the poem’s title and throughout the verses, is a symbol. Hughes uses himself since the perfect example of his Black American heritage in a manner that provokes the reader to think about this individual, and his contest, are identified.

In making use of the title, “I, Too”, Langston Hughes shows himself up to now another mark of a area of the American population. Recurring use of the phrase “they” identifies his business employers, who are presumably White, and therefore symbolize the rest of yankee society (Hughes, in Madden, page #). Their remedying of him, including making him eat in the kitchen, becomes the representation with the way Dark-colored Americans, generally speaking, are treated. By using these types of personal conditions, Hughes provides managed to employ symbolism in a manner that also attaches him in front of large audiences.

Hughes also states “I, too, sing America” and here he is applying irony, consequently a thing is not actually possible. However, what is strange is that he praises America and its beliefs while at the same time sketching attention to the way he is seen as somehow inferior to others because of the color of his skin. The ending lines, which include the phrase “they’ll…be ashamed” are usually ironic (Hughes, in Madden, page #). The composition was drafted to highlight the simple fact that Dark Americans have been completely treated as something to get ashamed of and Hughes denounces this reality, creating paradox by declaring the obvious.

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This kind of use of paradox portrays Hughes’ condemnation of certain aspects of society. The easy diction of the poem belies its deeper meaning. By using simple terminology and alternatively unusual syntax, Hughes provides a powerful concept in a manner that a casual target audience can understand. Short keyword phrases easily move of the tongue while disregarding some of them up into strange lines the actual reader consider their meaning in a diverse, but directed, way.

With the addition of breaks among such passages as “tomorrow” and “I’ll be in the table”, Barnes creatively attracts attention to the simple fact that he, and his race, will be more powerful, and wealthier, and more respectable when the White colored people of America least expect it (Hughes, in Madden, webpage #). In this manner, too, does Hughes take the tense from the poem by present to future. Hughes can be adept at applying diction to define the tone and deepen the understanding of underlying themes in his poetry. Langston Hughes’ status as a crucial poet and author was based on works such as “I, Too” which will state a profound a significant simple conditions.

By inspecting the usage of symbolism, irony, and the diction Hughes employs, the greater important, fundamental, concepts come to light. Hughes does this by repeating the fundamental pleasure and love he maintains for the country of America while quietly pointing out just how Black Americans are remedied as hypocritical and unfair. America can be described as land based on freedoms, and equality, range, and perseverance are the attributes which will let all people, regardless of skin color, to reach their particular goals and realize their dreams.

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