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Ethical behavior of the person or maybe a corporation tremendously affects the stakeholders with which that person is involved. Often , people and companies take serious thought when it comes to these stakeholders, and they work for taking good care with the people who are associated with them (Keller, 2002). There are cases, although, where ethical behavior has become ignored in the name of profit. Eventually, most companies and people who ignore their very own ethics are caught and punished, but is not before that they end up doing harm to the economic and psychological lives of many of their stakeholders. Plato when said that the nature and the beginning of proper rights was that guys who were competent of doing wrong to others would frequently do so. This individual also declared men who also did not have enough strength to keep themselves via being harmed by other folks would not perform harm to others.

In other words, should you give a person enough strength and power and opportunity he will, generally, use it to harm others. People do things because they are capable to get away with those things. If they see that it truly is too high-risk or they just do not feel strong enough, they will prevent doing something which might harm others – because it could cause too much trouble for themselves. They are only going to take determined risks, of course, if they experience as though what they will get will be worth the small chance of being trapped, they will just perform the game. In a management capacity or other position of electric power this can be extremely problematic, because many people abuse electric power (Anderson, 1999). This occurred with the Enron scandal, and it also occurred with Bernard Madoff and his ponzi scheme.

When a leader (or anyone else, actually) enters a decision-making procedure, ethics become one of the most important issues for this leader – and for his followers and stakeholders (Keller, 2002). A few of the decision-making that individuals go through is very simplistic and easy, and some from it is much more intricate. That is to get expected, yet that is not any reason why the ethical requirements should transform. Where many people enter into trouble is through being honest in one area of life and not in other folks. Sometimes, these individuals also concentrate on being extremely ethical in small things, but they might do significant things that are not at all moral in any way. The reverse might be true too, and they might feel that performing large issues ethically negates all of the little things which they escape.

Even the finest liars often get caught sooner or later, though, that is certainly true intended for unethical business decisions just as much as it is the case for dishonest personal decisions. Generally, the larger the lay a person tells, the more of a problem it will be once that lie is discovered (Anderson, 1999). Bernie Madoff was a great example of that. He lied to his investors and told all of them that he had their money. He didn’t have the funds, of course. When his deceit was uncovered, the majority of his clients dropped all that they had. Many of them found their existence savings go away in the blink of an eye, and in some cases that was

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