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Ethical Egoism

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Ethics and Nursing

One of the nurses you work with is usually an ethical egoist, in the event you report him to your nurses’ supervisor? For what reason or perhaps you should?

This person really should not be reported because the definition of precisely what is meant when i say good has not been offered. For example , Socrates could be considered an moral egoist because he held the positioning that persons of intellect always work in their personal self-interest, i. e., because of their own personal good, but what this individual meant simply by that was that they do very good to others also to the religious being over them and in this manner perform good for themselves. However , someone else might determine the good as something that provides any transferring benefit in any way, such as satisfaction or monetary gain – which concept of the excellent would not meet up with Socrates’ approval, i. elizabeth., he would certainly not call it very good. Yet a similar person may additionally identify since an honest egoist. It is therefore important that the meanings and definitions and labels that people apply to ourself and others end up being accurately evaluated before they are reported (Ethical Egoism, d. d. ).

In this case, I recommend the doctor clarify what is meant by ethical egoist. If the nurse’s opinion fits in more with Socrates i quickly would declare there is no problem, because Socrates held a top opinion of the good. If, however , the moral principle that underlines the nurse’s ethical egoism is relativistic rather than general and objective (as was Socrates’) in that case there may be a problem because that nurse might seek personal gain in the cost of other folks. In short, the behavior of the doctor should be watched but no complaint needs to be made till these issues may resolved with more clarity.

2 . Must the Utilitarianism to govern remedies and medical care? Why?

Utilitarianism is another strategy that needs the idea of the good to be responded. In utilitarianism, the greatest great is thought to be that which rewards the common very good of all (Bennett, 2010). That seeks a practical solution in this sense, one that is sensible, but identifying what is the common good becomes a problem which the utilitarian only cannot resolve. He must appeal to different ethical models of a more transcendent nature. A few will appeal to a relativistic or subjective model and some will appeal to a common, objective version and this will make all the difference. Carrying out that which is good for

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