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Ethical Concerns

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Values and Testing

Ethics and Medical Testing

On Staten Island there was an organization for the mentally impaired which managed from 1947 to 1987, but in the time from 1956 through the year of 1971, children on the institution had been used for trials involving hepatitis. Although the experiments are considered to achieve success, the engagement of psychologically disabled children has brought many ethical things to consider to the forefront. Dr . Saul Krugman, the person who went the research, stated that his group took several ethical concerns into problem before the research began. First of all, Krugman rationalized the use of children by stating that “It is known that infectious hepatitis is actually a much less severe disease in children. inch (Robinson 81) Then, a mild form of the disease was inflicted upon your children under conditions that were the most favorable including special medical personnel and isolation quarters. Krugman specifically stated that just children who’s parents agreed were used in the experiment and the level of virus used would start small and become increased little by little, but only if there were zero serious negative effects. In short, the scientists included rationalized their behavior because the experiment “began with a low dose to observe side effects, a new specialized system for monitoring the children, and used a real estate agent known to produce a mild type of the disease. inch (Robinson 82)

2 . Although the scientists performed the try out what they considered to be the most stringent ethical considerations, there were continue to some highly questionable works performed. Firstly, it was the 1950’s and there were certainly not the kinds of programs designed for mentally disabled children and the families, so most father and mother were unable to deal with the situation. Consequently , the parents of these children were desperate for somewhere to put their children and Willowbrook was mostly of the places for them; thus the available spaces were couple of. Parents will do anything to manage to get thier children in the school, actually allow them to always be experimented in. Secondly, the fogeys were not presented the specifics of the experiment, nor told how dangerous it could be. They gave their consent, but it really was not up to date consent. Yet he the majority of ethically sketchy aspect of the experiment is they used kids who were thought to be expendable. At best, hepatitis remains an highly infectious disease and even though mild forms had been used, there was still the possibility of

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