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Ethnic Notions is a documented directed by simply Marlon Riggs. The title itself explains the actual movie can be about-impressions of race. Throughout the documentary, Riggs presents the of stereotypes and displays how they continue to exist. In today’s society we have turn into so used with stereotypes that they are regarded normal. Film production company Ethnic Réflexion introduces the problem of stereotypes by explaining their beginning and background, giving good examples, and displaying how they continue to exist today, to ensure that we are no longer fooled and unaware of stereotyping and racism.

During the early on and core 1900’s dark-colored people were portrayed on television and media since ignorant, ugly, violent and inferior to white people. These adverse, degrading and horrible pictures of dark people after some time shaped someones views and thoughts about black people and this was how stereotypes were produced. Media utilized caricatures that happen to be exaggerated illustrations of people to get racist views around to white-colored and dark American persons.

One example of your caricature is a Sambo.

The Sambo was a saillie created to illustrate the black male as being lazy, child like uninformed and care-free making the black guy seem similar to a child than a male. An additional example of a racist prêt is pickaninnies which are black children. Pickaninnies were depicted as unpleasant kids with rough wooly hair, big eyes, dark black skin area, big lips and glowing red lips. Pickaninnies often resembled animals in children cartoons and were viewed as savage by white persons. One of the most well-known caricatures in the 1900’s is the mammie simulation. The Mammie was an older black female who watched over the white-colored man’s family. Mammies were shoed because loving mother figures who were fat black and unattractive. Mammies were developed to show that some blacks were completely happy as slaves and liked black people.

These stereotypes were troubling, degrading and in most cases poor representations of black persons. It saddens me how whites may think therefore low of black people or any additional human being by any means. Sadly stereotypes still exist today in television set, media and society. One stereotype I feel definitely continue to exist today ids the Sambo stereotype although there are great black actors that play remarkable roles most black males in the multimedia are still proven as being careless and premature.

However only a few stereotypes today are the identical as the caricatures through the 20th hundred years but a brand new modern type. For example rather than black females being depicted as less attractive mammies on tv, they are now ghetto loud and un-lady like. Sometimes I actually even find myself acting out a stereotype, just like being deafening or cursing in public. Following watching Ethnic Notions Personally i think like stereotypes are too deeply rooted in Americas culture to at any time be entirely gone. Even though this realization is unlucky I do believe we could get people to believe in stereotypes less and less through media, by simply depicting blacks in a more positive light.

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