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1). Ethnographic fieldwork is very important towards the practice of cultural anthropology. In a two to three page composition discuss the strongest and weakest points of this study method. In doing so , please do the subsequent: a) Specify ethnographic fieldwork and clarify why it is crucial to cultural anthropology. Ethnographic fieldwork is characteristic of cultural anthropology (Sprandley, 6).

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Ethnography entails theory of civilizations. Ethnographic fieldwork is important to cultural anthropology to undercover the unidentified principles of another way of life to allow them to enlightened the individuals through it to understand several way of life as well as the situation yet another way of life are living. Anthropologist study via those who identify the tradition best including its people and they seek the insider’s point of view. They try to simplify this point of view in people so we won big t see people who lives lifestyle differently in narrow oriented or believe in bad way or substandard way. b) Referring to in least two of the blood pressure measurements, discuss the strongest and weakest points of this approach. What are a few issue it raises? What does it allow all of us to see that other strategies might not? What are some perils and stumbling blocks that it positions to the specialist? The efficiency in these approach to fieldwork is, we are able to find insider s point of view.

Anthropologists have to ask very basic questions, and cannot believe they understand things which will consider being weakness. Sometimes while asking questions writer might have to have an attitude of ignorance, to put aside trusting relativism. This kind of weakness may be explain through Gmelch content. This article business lead us to understand that it is hard, but required to try to put aside our own correct understandings. It also clarifies us that fieldwork freque..

in just our own point of view, we would reject tradition practice of other civilizations just based on our culture. We might assume that our culture is excellent and looking glass. When I learned about Tibetans, it can astonished me personally for a day. However , it was difficult for me to believe that two or more brother have one wife. That s entirely restricted in my cultures therefore it s hard for me to accept the fact. This will make me interested and to find out more about Tibatans, all their cultures and the cultural procedures.

I had tried to accumulate as many details about Tibetans lifestyle online, it can do actually improvements the way, I do believe about Tibetans. Now I may understand and accept their particular cultural procedures which I was rejecting this at first place. I think ethnical relativism is important for every person to look at, understand information about other nationalities and their ethnical practices.

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