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Eugene Ionescos Rhinoceros: Accurate Means Exists in Action certainly not WordsEugene Ionescos Rhinoceros: The case Means Is located in Action not really Words

I awoke sweating. Breathing seriously, I glanced over at my personal clock and

read the period. 4: 00 AM. We wasnt sure if this is reality or not so We ran my own

palm above my scalp. No lump. A sigh of alleviation came over me. Phew, I said

it was just a dream.

This really is a dream I’ve had typically throughout the previous couple of years.

Every time, the bundle in my dream gets larger and each period I wake up

Im increasingly more frightened the fact that dream was real. I will not become a

rhinoceros, My spouse and i tell me over and over. I will not.

These types of words I actually tell me personally are nearly meaningless though. They are phrases

and nothing even more. Futile tries to ease the soreness of my own rhinocerotic life.

The only way to truly not be a rhinoceros is by making the existential

decision not to do so.

A main theme in Eugene Ionescos, Nashorn, is that the case meaning

exists in action instead of in mere words. A capacity taking action then

ends in ones being a rhinoceros. Blue jean illustrates this in the beginning

of Act 2, scene two, when we observe Jean and Berenger bickering. Berenger seems that

Blue jean isnt searching or feeling well and threatens to get him a doctor. Jean

resists simply by saying, Youre not going to find the doctor mainly because I don’t want the

doctor. I am able to look after me. (pp. 62) This refusal comes from his

arrogant look at of himself as a Learn of his own thoughts, (pp. 61) and

Having will-power! (pp. 7) By seeing a doctor, Jean would have put

him self in the location of choosing responsibility pertaining to his activities and seeing that

he wasnt always the master of his own thoughts which his willpower was

basically quite weak. It would be admitting the meaninglessness in his ineffective

attempts to keep a human. This individual didnt want to see that he, in fact , was

becoming a rhinoceros.

Had Jean agreed to visit a doctor, he may have been saved. By viewing the

doctor, Jean may have come to terms with his becoming a nashorn. After

visiting terms with his current state, he can then modify his future

state to one of choosing action to become an individual.

Berenger, however , demonstrates the power in making an existential

decision. The trumpeting contact of the nashorn was a convincing one, yet

Berenger surely could resist that through his commitment and determination. In the

beginning of Act 3, Berenger and Dudard are speaking following Berenger was awakened

by a nightmare. Dudard recommended the possibility that Berenger could develop into

a nashorn. Berenger refutes this probability by declaring, If you really dont

desire to topple yourself, you dont. (pp. 73). The knocking yourself he is

talking about is the developing of a horn and becoming a rhinoceros. He again

reiterates this kind of by saying, If one really will not want to, really will not

want to catch this kind of thing, which usually after all is known as a nervous disease-then you never

catch that (pp. 76) Berenger is usually explaining to Dudard how through making an

existential choice, one can avoid becoming a nashorn.

Ionesco in that case uses Dudard to ignite Berengers aspire to not become a

rhinoceros when Dudard says to him to show his will-power and stop consuming.

This qualified prospects Berenger to his realization that he despises rhinoceroses and his

perseverance to not be like them. It now becomes imminent that Berenger will certainly

achieve his moment of commitment though he even now possesses some doubts.

The greatest commitment arises at the incredibly end from the play when Daisy

locates the rhinoceroses more and more appealing and Berenger finds them more and

even more disgusting. The moment Daisy sooner or later joins these people and Berenger is remaining by

him self. Only after that does this individual make his true existential decision simply by saying, Im

the last person left, and Im remaining that way before the end. Im or her not


This is the decision that all of all of us must make. We need to resist our

temptations to make up worthless decrees for ourselves and take responsibility

for each of our actions. Existentialist decision permits us to act to overcome our

weaknesses and remain fruitful humans. This can be a only approach to end our

nightmare. This is actually the only approach to know we will never need to wake up having a

bump upon our heads. We must often believe in yourself and what is right. We

must understand that as we take action, so shall we become.


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