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Excerpt from Term Daily news:

These types of have resulted in various troublesome areas which have had a dramatic have an effect on on Muslim life. They include the embrace terror actions in European countries; the rise of anti-Semitism within the Muslim community plus the increase in the prevalence of right – wing get-togethers that are frequently violently compared in their actions and unsupported claims to Islamic fundamentalism.

A significant issue that should be considered in attempting to understand the impact of the events of 9/11 in Europe is that these attacks have an effect on the balance between security and detrimental liberties. Basically, whereas just before 9/11 right now there had been a focus and effort to keep equilibrium among issues of security and democratic legal rights for all, including Muslins; however after 9/11 this stability was raise red flags to and the emphasis tended to go more toward security, with civil rights being neglected. This change in emphasis has received an effect around the situation of Muslims. “This change in equilibrium is particularly stunning for Muslims living in Europe. The securitization of Western politics contributes to an externalization of Muslims living in The european countries. ” This kind of in effect ensures that Muslims are noticed as “outside” the system as potential terrorists or allies to the terrorists.

2 . three or more. Prejudice and discrimination

Possibly the most and problematic aspect of the situation of Muslims in Europe may be the reality of prejudice and discrimination. This kind of facet has a long history and begins well before the events of 9/11; and in a sense the current situation of discrimination is actually a continuation with the past.

Though the events of 9/11 have succeeded in producing a new form and intensity of prejudice towards Muslim areas, which is likely to exacerbate the already common discrimination in the area.

It is important to make note of that in this regard that after the attacks of September 10, the European Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) issued a study which located that, “… Islamic residential areas have become targets of elevated hostility seeing that 11 Sept. “

The report also found that there is in maximize of the misjudgment that experienced already existed in European countries which “fuelled acts of aggression and harassment in several European Member States. inches The report goes into go over evidence of “Islamophobia” as well an increase in the suspicion of Muslim people in the region and inches… increased hostility and misuse of Muslims across The european union. “

In order to grasp the degree of this trouble a few items may be of assistance. The neglect in the Muslim community is seen from the point of view that “Few European declares have obtained comprehensive info on the quantity and mother nature of the Muslim presence within their national region. “

The truth is many countries such as Athens, Denmark, Portugal and Portugal do not allow virtually any mention of religious in standard census varieties – therefore making the assessment from the Muslim populace and their complications difficult. More importantly however is that in many Europe, “Muslims invariably is an unrecognized group, excluded via most fraction rights safeguards and protection against discrimination because they do not suit national explanations of minorities. “

This important aspect, before the events of 9/11, amplified the feelings of suspicion and discrimination among the list of Muslim populace of The european countries. This was obviously to be worsened and increased in depth by two factors;: particularly the Palestinian question plus the perception of Western support for Israel and the incidents of 9/11, which recommended a radicalized version of Islam that numerous Muslims experienced to be discriminatory and unjust.

2 . a few. 1 . The media

The role with the media in promulgating a stereotypical thought of Muslins because terrorists has been the focus of quite a few studies and reports. This kind of perception is increased simply by negative public pronouncements inside the media by many people political and public numbers, which have tended to add to these prejudicial awareness. It was present in one survey for example , that “… openly stated perceptions of leading political numbers were a factor that written for bringing xenophobic, racist and Islamophobic sights into popular politics. inch

The ability from the media in most cases to condition public judgment and place the Muslim community in a prejudicial and negative light is a factor that may have a devastating impact on all Muslims in Europe. This has in fact happened in many cases in the aftermath of 9/11 – having a concomitant harmful impact on the situation of Muslims in the region.

In a report by the EUMC inside the 1990’s it absolutely was already mentioned that “the mainstream press, with significant exceptions, offers reproduced types of ethnic prejudice in its regimen and issue-based reporting… inches

Furthermore it was also known that many media report had been “based about stereotypical simplifications: ” The key aspect nevertheless is that since the events of 9/11 the amount of negative papier has not been ameliorated but offers, according to several studies, in reality increased when it comes to the projection of sights and thoughts that that can be seen to increase prejudice and hostility.

An example of blatant misjudgment after 9/11 is quoted from a study in an Italian language newspaper. A journalist, Oriana Fallaci, composed that the Italian language “cultural personality cannot endure a say of immigration made up of persons who want to modify our lifestyles. ” This individual continues and states that that in Italy “there is no place for muezzins, minarets, imitation teetotalers

Additional reports likewise claim that often the media places disproportionate emphasis on Muslim extremist groups which tends to generalize all Muslim people because having extremist views.

Alternatively, some believe the elevated press coverage of Islam after 9/11 has also got positive effects. One of these given is the fact through this kind of exposure, Islam has become better understood and accepted in the world.

2 . several. 2 . Proper wing groupings and prejudice.

One of the scary factors related to prejudice and an aspect that has serious outcomes for the Muslim populace and peaceful coexistence in Europe, is the increase of right-wing unsupported claims and actions after 9/11. The events of 9/11 and later terrorist activities have presented ample ammo for right-wing ideologists to attack Muslim groups. These groups play on the”… xenophobia and popular fears of Islam… ” which is also increased by simply negative studies in the media. There are also right-wing motivated efforts in many European areas to restrict migrants. Another element that can be related to this component is the latest banning of headscarves in France and Germany; which in turn serves to enhance tension and the sense of isolation among the Muslim community.

2 . several. 3. The creation of terrorism

One of many effects of bias and splendour is not only the isolation of Muslims although also the creation associated with an environment favorable to terrorist actions. A number on adding to factors must be borne at heart here. Is that cultural and faith based prejudice makes a sense of desperation and unfairness within a population which has come to determine itself typically as part of the Countries in europe in which they will live. Second, the ratio of young Muslims is extremely high and therefore they are more likely to be directly effected and feel disenfranchised; and more very likely to take action against perceived splendour. This has triggered the advice that, due to the prejudice and discrimination identified by many Muslims, Europe provides in fact get a breeding surface for terrorists. This as well relates to the question of a European- Muslim feeling of personality which will be talked about below.

Rules and the Law

There is very little doubt that in the influence of the terror attack of 9/11 has also has an influence on government and local policies towards Muslims. The general public perception generated by the media will naturally always enjoy an essential portion in politics and will include a concomitant effect on policies made by these kinds of elected.

While there is a good legal structure in many Countries in europe to ensure equality and protection against discriminatory activities and views, yet this legalization is usually not always applied. “… open public awareness about the legislative anti-discrimination construction is low, and existing provisions hardly ever used by the most vulnerable organizations, resulting in a not enough relevant case-law. “

In a study with the situation of Muslims in Italy it absolutely was found that, “… Assault against immigrants, including Muslims, by both equally private actors and police is not uncommon. “

Furthermore, the changes against those representatives who allegedly perpetrated these kinds of crimes are usually not concluded or are fallen for several reasons.

Faith based intolerance

Spiritual intolerance on both sides from the divide is increasing in numerous areas of Europe. One worrying development after 9/11 is the fact, in the light of improved prejudice and intolerance, there is an increase in the movement toward a more fundamentalist view of Islam amongst many Europeans. This has a large number of implications, not least which is the maximize on the impression of Muslim isolation; which in turn creates further more divisions between cultures, exacerbating misunderstanding and prejudice.

This increase in religiosity among Muslims can take on the negative meaning if it is connected in the open public view together with the rise of extremist moves. In short this kind of prejudice and perceived splendour can also bring about

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