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Answer: Thieves is so imply to Lennie because although he and Lennie are quite similar (they are both classified as the ‘weak ones’) Lennie provides the better your life, simply because he’s white. Lennie is allowed in the dorm room and permitted to play greeting cards should this individual choose to (if he even knew how to) while Crooks simply cannot. Throughout the dialogue, we see Crooks’ character come out of his covering, and be great to people which he normally wouldn’t conversate with other than Slim as well as the boss.

Obviously, mainly because he’s grayscale because of segregation, he is indicate to those whom disregard him because of his colour, but on the other hand there is another reason he is indicate to Lennie, such as he is jealous of his way of life or this individual wishes this individual were white colored. Also, he’s pretty low on the societal totem rod and Lennie is a fairly easy target for him. Crooks’ first reaction when Lennie visits him is that he wants to confirm a point: in the event that he as a black man can’t get into white in a number of houses, then whites usually are allowed in his room.

He wants Lennie to know that he really needs some types of rights. But Lennie’s appealing smile and Crooks’ wish for company implies that Lennie can enter, and thus starts the convo in which we master all about Crooks. Like Curley’s wife, Thieves is a powerless character, and it seems that he seeks prone characters to make himself feel great ” This individual starts “suggesting that probably George can never come back and only stops the cruel video game when Lennie threatens him with assault.

He reveals us that his isolation means this individual often has no-one approach and his character would like sympathy. He is likewise interested once Candy and Lennie start conversating and forgets about his mean self. He has seen men coming from all sorts occur and off of the ranch and no-one features actually happy the American Dream which will he is uncertain of because it seems this kind of “Dream will not apply to him due to the colour of his skin. This is why he scrutinizes others. Question 2) Any kind of similarities between Lennie and Crooks?

Answer: Lennie and Crooks are marginalised from society ” Lennie’s deficiency of mental capabilities keep him isolated and Crooks’ skin colour maintain him remote. For this, they may be classed since ‘the fragile ones’. When Lennie comes by, Crooks is instantly unfriendly. “You go a single get out of my area. I ain’t wanted inside the bunk home; you isn’t wanted inside my room.  However , equally men really miss company, therefore begin chatting. Their similarities wipe out any kind of awkward traité and end their isolation. Crooks realizes that Lennie has got the better life and uses this against him to compare himself.

“I notify ya, We tell en este momento a guy gets lonely an’ he gets sick.  Both guys can be seen because lonely, they are not only marginalised, and even though Lennie features George, his mental difficulties keep him alone because no-one can easily completely appreciate him which in turn emphasises his differences and Crooks’ coloring leaves him excluded in the dorms. Issue 3) Exactly what does this discussion tell us about the relationship of Crooks to men? Solution: Crooks’ human relationships are built about the fact that he can a victim of racism and is outcasted from company.

We know in the first place that Crooks takes a choice to Skinner and the boss, and since all of us don’t get to learn him until Chapter 5, this outlines his not enough status, trustworthiness and electrical power. We while readers can easily emphasise with Crooks mainly because we are displayed how black people were cured in the time of the Great Depressive disorder. We see just how Crooks is able to open up to Lennie and he déclaration all his feelings and thoughts because he sees him as a physique of trust as he struggles to remember what he is advised. His romance with Slim is restricted because all of us admire Sleek as a very good, supporting person in society.


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