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elizabeth., by using the English language language to develop sentences.

Absolutely, using PowerPoint in a classroom setting on a daily or perhaps weekly basis tends to decrease a present student’s need to know how you can write correctly. Traditionally, a student was necessary to write a grammatically-correct paper/essay and after that present this to his/her class by standing up the front and browsing it to their fellow students. When this sort of a thing was done properly and when the essay was well-written, that contained words and phrases that made images in the minds of the listeners, thus allowing the free of charge flow of abstract pondering. But with PowerPoint, all students has to perform is present pictures/images to their many other students and allow these pictures to “tell the story” while the presenter reads most likely a few created lines of description while support pertaining to the images. In this case, one could declare PowerPoint is usually “evil” as it “dumbs down” the subject subject being presented instead of relaying information via the power of the written term.

Glenda Morgan, writing in “Is PowerPoint Evil? ” offers the same opinion to this of Edward cullen Tufte, to get she states that PowerPoint “gets in the form of the accurate presentation of information” (2003, Internet), a reference to students presenting details and info via PowerPoint when he/she is not an expert about them being presented to a category and perhaps which includes pictures/images which are not relevant to this issue matter. Morgan also details the issue that PowerPoint “imposes a certain design of presentation and thought which obscures the effective communication” of ideas, facts and information (2003, Internet). Precisely what Morgan strategies this is that PowerPoint depends much too seriously on pictures/images as opposed to the created word which usually when efficiently communicated to a class creates abstract thoughts that can after that be interpreted by the person listener.

Finally, Morgan helps it be clear that PowerPoint “is about content material and going information, often in incredibly redundant kinds of ways” (2003, Internet), meaning that Tufte’s “slideware” is often guilty of presenting pictures/images that have been viewed over and over again by viewer as contrasted together with the written expression which can be provided in ways new to most students. In the end, PowerPoint may be “evil” when it comes to lowering and/or limiting a present student’s need to publish effectively, in some cases, it might be nothing more than “new age” support for the old saying, “A picture will be worth a countless numbers words. inch


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