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Literary Critique, William Blake

Dear Sir or Madam

Recently, I used to be reading the Songs of Innocence and Experience written by William Dark-colored, specifically the Songs of Innocence – The Little Dark Boy. This can be a poem about a little black young man who will shortly be delivered to England becoming a slave. This poem helped me think about all of the issues that influence children all over the world. One that is definitely close to me personally is intimidation, so that is exactly what I will be publishing to you about today. By my standpoint, there are two different types of lovato, these are real world (verbal and physical) and cyber (internet and other forms of communication).

The initially topic I am covering is definitely real world lovato. This involves one on one verbal splendour and physical assault. I have heard the old saying “sticks and stones may well break my own bones, yet words can never hurt me” thousands of times over the years. Yet I believe that the is completely false. Offensive words, phrases, remarks and remarks can be a lot more hurtful than the simple shove to the ground. Words just like “fat” and “useless” could cause children to build up a lot of self-doubt, insecurity and depressive disorder. This, coming from what I include personally witnessed happens considerably more than physical violence as a type of bullying. Even though, that isn’t to talk about bodily abuse doesn’t arise frequently. This can also cause children to generate insecurity about their physical features if they are constantly being dominated in this way.

As well as real-world bullying, addititionally there is cyber intimidation. This includes abuse, name phoning, and other harmful comments of slurs employed over the internet or perhaps other method of technological connection. Platforms just like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp are all places where cyber bullying occurs. On websites such as these, persons can also produce public posts be looked at by their ‘friends’ where they will quite easily start rumours or perhaps abuse certain people. This can be just one of many ways in which kids get teased.

Research done by Victoria State Government – Department of Education and Training points out that bullying impacts four group, the victims, the bullies, the bystanders and the school all together. It finds that lovato causes the victim to display high amounts of emotion and vulnerability and develop between minor to extreme situations of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, solitude and seclusion which can at some point lead to drug abuse and in the worst situations death. Though the perpetrator generally feels turned off from school, gets to a lot of fights and still have an increased probability of theft, violent behaviour and binge having. I 100% agree with these statements, as they describe how considerably bullying can easily impact someones lives.

In conclusion, lovato is a thing that affects children all over the world but not much is made to stop this. One simple way to stop lovato is to educate kids to stand up on their own, doing this could make them think empowered and make the ansto� back off. Likewise, teaching kids to defend themselves and fight. If a kid is assaulted, they can’t just run away. They need to learn how to defend themselves otherwise might just get beaten up.

Thank you for the consideration

Joel Trouchet.

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