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You may consider you to ultimately have a proper lifestyle if you have good physical, mental, social, and psychic health. Good physical health is a result of your body’s important functions functioning well together. A person in very good physical wellness can more easily to protect against disease, get over illness, and perform daily routines without feeling fatigued. Good mental health is because of positive emotions about you and about others. The mental well being can affect your decisions. A person in great mental health can more easily to deal with stress, cope with modify and maintain a good outlook on life.

Good social health is a result of your interactions with others and of dealing well with social situations. Social wellness can be created through relationships, participation in community groupings, and volunteer work. A person in good sociable health can more easily to feel close and attached to other people, understand his or her own self-worth and cope with life’s ups and downs.

Good spiritual health gives peace of mind. Spirituality can be obtained and indicated in the way you play a musical instrument, party, work with fine art materials, or perhaps through faith.

It can also be noticeable through calling help other folks in ways that restore their particular dignity and self-worth. Very good spiritual overall health can give your life a purpose to provide you with stress relief and help you develop support systems. Focusing on these dimensions, and continually striving to improve in each region, is one of the keys to a long and completely happy life. 2 . What is BMI? What is your BMI? Body Mass Index (BMI) is a amount calculated coming from a person’s pounds and elevation. BMI is known as a fairly reliable indicator of body fatness for most people.

BMI does not measure body fat straight, but research has shown that BMI correlates to direct measures of body fat, just like underwater evaluating and dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). 1, 2BMI can be considered an alternate for direct measures of body fat. Additionally , BMI is definitely an inexpensive and easy-to-perform method of screening for weight classes that may result in health problems. Determining BMI BMI=__________________ 3. What is long-term fitness goal that you just aspire to? 5. What are other ways to live a normal active way of life?

Nutrition 1 ) Why should Nourishment be important to get teenager? installment payments on your What are some food organizations and so why they are significant? 3. Make 3-days food plan that incorporate all of the food groups and plays a part in a healthy active lifestyle. The meal strategy should include certain serving size. | B/L/D/S| Providing size| | DAY 1| | | | WORKING DAY 2| | | | DAY 3| | | | Sexuality 1 . Exactly what are the 12 component that you would like in a healthy and balanced relationship? twelve Component of Healthy Relationship 2. Feel completely happy and comfortable * Spend time together and time separate * Demonstrate trust 2. Are self-confident Have positive self-esteem 5. Act with mutual value * Truly feel appreciated 2. Communicate freely and integrity * Try to understand one other * Tune in to each other installment payments on your What is Continence? Why is Disuse the best method to protect your sexual health? Disuse from sexual activity means refraining from any form of sexual activity that could result in pregnancy or perhaps the all kind of intercourse. Continence is the best method to protect intimate health three or more. What are the two common STI’s? Indicate that they are transmitted, sign and symptoms, treatment and elimination.

Name of STI’s| Transmitted| Sign and Symptoms | Treatment and Prevention| HPV(Human Papilloma Virus)| * Unshielded, at risk sex * Direct exposure to sores/kissing 2. Mother to infant prior to birth| * Stage 1= small reddish colored bumps, liquid in genital area (chancres) * Stage 2= rash, flu-like symptoms, hair loss, penile growth| 2. Antibiotics, nevertheless only if it really is caught easy * In the event that not remedied early, medication cannot repair damage currently done| Trichomonas | 5. Unprotected sex or sex contact| 2. Saginal discharge and odour * Discomfort or scratching (during urinating) * Spotty bleeding repeated urination | * Remedies for affected person and his or her partner| 4. Exactly what 2 prevalent STI’s of contraceptive and indicate how it works, its effectiveness, positive aspects and downside?

Name of Contraceptive| Just how it work| Effectiveness| Advantages| Disadvantages| Guy Condom | * Physical barrier serves to prevent direct genital contact and the exchange of genital fluids| 5. The condom is 98% effective when ever used flawlessly * With typical make use of, it is 85% effective| * Available with no prescription 5. Latex condoms protect against sexually transmitted illness * Can help to avoid early ejaculation | 5. Must be | | | | | | Resolve conflicts 1 . Exactly what 4 type of conflict that may affect teens and how can they be manage effective? four type of turmoil that may affect teenagers a. Internal Conflicts b. Sociable Conflicts c. Intra-Group disputes d. Inter-Group Conflicts 2 . What skills can help teens deal with disputes?

Which of people attribute do you really oppose? a. Empathy b. Patience and also to Lawrence c. Clear and direct meaning d. Creative thinking e. Crucial thinking n. Assertiveness Body Image and self-esteem 1 . Precisely what is body image? Precisely what is self-esteem? Skin image is an mental picture of your own physique. Body image contains how you feel with regards to your body, desire you believe with regards to your body, how you see your self and how you believe you look in front of large audiences. Self-esteem describes how valued or worthy a person feels. People with high-self-esteem produce good choices. Individuals with low-self-esteem may well feel that they can be unworthy in the opportunities your life has to offer. 2 . What are several factors that influence body image?

The 3 factors that affect body image will be impact of media about body image, family influence in body image, and friend’s impact on body image. three or more. What is the self-point theory? Self-Point Theory says each of us contains a weight (or “self-point) our body “programmed to maintain; gt; if we drop below this self-point the theory says the body automatically acts (possible to shield itself) and are unable to keep weight away. 4. How would you charge your body graphic on a range of 1-100 and how come? Exercise Activity 1 . What kind of exercise will you most get pleasure from and how come? 2 . Indicate where the exercise started and the fundamental concepts from the exercise, tools needed and space needed.

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