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Phenomenology, Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia

Excerpt from Term Paper:

Dr . Keshen feels the fact that reason for this is that most of the literature which can be found on the subject is incredibly convoluted. Even the foremost authors on the subject don’t agree on it verities making most existential psychotherapists’ ideas heterogeneous. However , the author feel that if a more precise and well-defined model of existential psychotherapy could be developed that could be amenable to some kind of empirical validation it may be more acknowledged by the psychotherapeutic community. The author’s purpose for this article is to cage a more clinically oriented type of existential psychology and crate a template for the “manualized” way into the discipline of existential psychotherapy.

Mcdougal goes on to check out the main guidelines of existential psychotherapy and create a fantastic diagram to exampling the entire components of the method (this can be reproduced inside the appendix). The primary tenant of existential psychology is that almost all human beings include a can to goal, a sense of involvement that give all their live that means. However , if this will to purpose remains to be unfulfilled for too long, a great existential cleaner or void in their lives develops which might in turn turn into an existential neurosis (see the picture in the appendix). This dilemma makes the individual engage in actions such as body to complete this emptiness. Many are frequently demeaning and self-destructive just like addictive disorder, social stress some type of narcissism and replacement unit factors for instance a workaholic syndrome. These are goal substitutes because they are substitutes for activities that provide authentic purpose.

The author try to quantify Real Purpose while using following meanings:

Authentic Purpose (AP) is derived from anything that speculate if this trade a genuine love or involvement in (as extended as it does not bargain others or perhaps self). Real Purpose has its own core commonalities to the notion of “authenticity” (Bugental, 1987; Heidegger, 1962; Sartre, 1958) although is less philosophically loaded and abstract; therefore, it is more applicable to clinical employ. (Keshen, 2006, p. 292-293)

Dr Keshen then goes on to review half a dozen case studies in support of the clinical efforts to research and develop a substantiated analysis pertaining to the application existential psychotherapy inside the mainstream field of psychology.

The author review each of these circumstance studies and list the void of every single subject’s will to purpose along with the goal substitutes getting used in place of a real authentic goal. At the end of each the author feedback that the utilization of existential psychiatric therapy would certainly assist in an overall remedying of the patient’s maladaptive patterns, but that further research would need to be done to provide evidence that existential psychotherapy would be an efficient treatment in these instances. While there is a lot promise for the work commenced here there is certainly little empirical data to compliment the overall thesis of Doctor Keshen. This article is by no means meant to be an thorough analysis of the subject, but the beginnings associated with an idea, a strategy to apply some standardization in the field of existential psychology. Whilst even the function “standardization” is normally anathema to the majority of existentialists, it is just a primary component in seeking to broach the highly regulated field of psychotherapy. The writer concludes, along with this writer, that existential psychiatric therapy has wonderful potential in the field of psychology and this it is certainly underneath utilized today. This article is an attempt to create a more visceral and tangible version of existential psychology, with the hope of sitting the research for the production of an existential psychotherapy manual. This may quite possibly bring this hybrid of philosophy and psychology with each other in the field of psychiatric therapy.


Ghaemi., S. (2007). Feeling and Time: The Phenomenology of Mood Disorders, Depressive Realistic look, and Existential Psychotherapy. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 33(1)

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